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Cincinnati, Ohio -- Cincinnati Community Hebrew Schools Records

Manuscript Collection No. 51

1956-1992. 7.1 Linear ft.


An initial portion of the Cincinnati, Ohio, Community Hebrew Schools Records was donated to the American Jewish Archives by Martin Grad (board member) in 1977. Further materials were donated by the Bureau of Jewish Education in August, 1997.

The Bureau of Jewish Education and Martin Grad, by the act of donating the Cincinnati Community Schools Records to the American Jewish Archives, assigned the property rights to the American Jewish Archives. All literary rights to material authored by individuals are held by that individual or by their heirs. Questions concerning rights should be addressed to the Executive Director of the American Jewish Archives.

The collection is open to all users with the exception of student records (Series F). Inquiries concerning the use of the materials in Series F for research purposes should be directed to the Executive Director of the American Jewish Archives. The original manuscript collection is available in the reading room of the Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives.


The roots of the Cincinnati Community Hebrew School may be traced to founding of the Talmud Torah Society on March 1, 1887, with the purpose of providing Orthodox religious instruction for poor Jewish children. Two teachers began instruction in rented rooms from the Mishnah Society on Court Street. In 1901, the Society expanded to offer a branch located on Providence Street with tuition fees for those who could pay while an Orthodox female Sabbath School began in 1902. Classes were conducted in Yiddish until 1904. Schools served both Jewish children whose parents joined synagogues as well as the unaffiliated.

In 1924, the Talmud Torah Society affiliated with the Jewish Bureau of Education. The Bureau had only recently been formed as a part of the United Jewish Social Agencies. Enrollment grew steadily for the next few decades. In 1943, a new Talmud Torah Association was formed to provide traditional education in Cincinnati and nearby Kentucky. In the late forties, Adath Israel, the largest and most affluent Conservative congregation in Cincinnati withdrew students from the Talmud Torah system forcing the schools to cut classes from five days to three days per week. This cutback, however, later made the Talmud Torah Association schools more popular. By 1950, the Talmud Torah had 300 students in Avondale, Price Hill, Newport and Cincinnati branches. The Talmud Torah Association chose to withdraw from their partnership with the Bureau of Jewish Education in 1952.

Beth Am (founded in 1948) merged with the Talmud Torah Association in 1953. They were supported by the Jewish Welfare Fund. Branches for the new Talmud Torah Association - Beth Am Institute now included 500 students in the Bond Hill, Avondale and Roselawn neighborhoods. In 1957, Golf Manor and Ohav Shalom merged with the Talmud Torah Association- Beth Am Institute and they took the name Cincinnati Community Hebrew Schools. In 1965, Northern Hills Synagogue and Congregation B'nai Tzedek joined CCHS. In 1966, the Hebrew Day Schools merged with Yavneh Day School, bringing Hebrew Day Schools into Cincinnati Community Hebrew Schools. In 1970, the CCHS reorganized, with the Cincinnati Community Hebrew Schools serving as an umbrella agency for afternoon branches in Ohav Shalom, Golf Manor, Northern Hills and the Yavneh Day School as their own division. Following the selling of their common property in 1975, these two institutions became completely separate.

In 1973, the Jewish Bureau of Education created "Standards and Criteria for Supplementary Community Hebrew Schools" which the Cincinnati Community Hebrew Schools followed in order to maintain their funding. The CCHS focused on providing Jewish education that appealed to both Reform and Orthodox Jews. One focus of the program was teaching the Hebrew language. The majority of students stayed with the program until their bar or bat mitzvah. While CCHS attempted to increase registration for older students through a variety of programs, this group remained a very small portion of the student registrations. Classes included a kindergarten level, two levels of primary classes, and Hebrew I-V. A nursery school class was later added. Although salaries remained consistently low, there was very small turnover among faculty at CCHS.

In 1981 CCHS opened an Eastern Branch and closed the Roselawn Branch due to shifting population. They were unable to achieve Federation minimum enrollments and closed the Eastern branch in 1982. All classes were subsequently located in the Northern Hills branch. In 1984, the CCHS merged once again to become officially part of the Jewish Bureau of Eduation (now part of the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati). Reorganization occured and the Educational Director (Eli Greenfield) was replaced by a part-time principal (Lawrence Katz) who also worked at the Bureau of Jewish Education.

Enrollment steadily declined and by the late eighties only the Northern Hills branch remained open. On May 12, 1992, the Cincinnati Community Hebrew Schools dissolved with the assets being divided between the Bureau of Jewish Education and the Northern Hills Synagogue.

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    The Cincinnati Community Hebrew Schools Records describe the governance and activities of the schools between 1956-1992. The bulk of the materials date between 1970-1990. The collection contains minutes and administrative papers, financial reports, curriculum materials, faculty and student records. The records are divided into seven (7) series:

  • SERIES A. ADMINISTRATIVE PAPERS (1958-1992) consists of two boxes grouped into: Board of Directors Minutes (1964-1972, 1975-1992), Board of Directors Lists (1959-1991), Constitution and Bylaws, Table of Organization, School Enrollment, Temple Affiliation of Students, Miscellaneous Policies, Building Calendars and Mergers. The minutes comprise 1.2 Hollinger boxes. The arrangement of all groups is chronological.

    SERIES B. FINANCIAL RECORDS (1965-1992) consists of two boxes grouped into: Budget Files (1965-1986, 1989-1992), Monthly/ Quarterly Reports (1970-1992), Other Reports (1979- 1986), Audits (1972-1985) and Quarterly FICA Reports (1978-1990). The arrangement within each group is chronological. Budget files encompass 1.25 Hollinger boxes and include the report made to the Jewish Federation, requests for the revision of the budget and supporting materials for creating the budget.

    SERIES C. CORRESPONDENCE (1959-1992) consists of four boxes grouped into: General Correspondence (1970-1992, with the bulk of the material between 1981-1992), Board of Directors (1959-1985), Faculty Correspondence (1958-59, 1986-89), and Yavneh - CCHS Correspondence (1965-1975). General Correspondence, consisting of three Hollinger boxes, is a mixed ingoing/outgoing correspondence file for the President of the CCHS Board, the Educational Director/Principal and the Office Manager and is arranged chronologically. It includes congratulatory letters for students bar/bat mitzvahs and condolence letters in addition to office related activities. The Board Correspondence is chronologically arranged and divided by the member's name. Much of this correspondence with the Jewish Bureau of Education and includes information about CCHS board members' participation in the Federation. It includes limited amounts of Federation Board minutes. The other groups are also arranged chronologically.

    SERIES D. CURRICULUM/ACTIVITIES (1958-1992) consists of one box arranged alphabetically by topic. Most materials are not dated. Topics include holidays, educational topics such as prayer, programs such as the Russian Teen Class, and projects of the CCHS. Important file folders include the Curriculum Guides (1980-1991) and two miscellaneous folders (pre-1964 merger and 1964-1992). The miscellaneous folders contain programs, letters, home and publication materials arranged chronologically.

    SERIES E. EMPLOYEE RECORDS (1958-1992) consists of one box grouped into: Faculty/Staff Lists (1958-1992), Staff Files (1970-1988), Faculty Handbook (1986-1991), Teacher's Meetings (1962-1970), and Teacher's Contracts/Salaries (1977-1991). Staff files are filed alphabetically by employee name and include correspondence, contracts, evaluations and applications. The other groups are arranged chronologically.

    SERIES F. STUDENT RECORDS (1956-1992 ) consists of seven boxes grouped into: student registrations (1973-1980, 1982-1992), student payroll cards (1970-1992), classroom lists (1956-1992), student cumulative records (1986-1992), student progress reports (1987-1992), student discipline reports (1987-1991), scholarship records (1973-1989) and achievement tests (1984). Student registrations, payroll cards, student progress reports and student discipline reports are arranged alphabetically within a chronological arrangement. Other groupings within this series are arranged chronologically. Parts of this series are restricted. Please contact the Executive Director of the American Jewish Archives concerning access.

    SERIES G. PUBLICATIONS/ MISCELLANEOUS (1962) consists of one box arranged alphabetically into the following categories: American Israelite Press Releases (1982-1989), CCHS Community Calender (1980-1992), Jewish Education in the 1960s, Media newspaper clippings (1965-70) Miscellaneous Brochures (1964-1989), Newspapers (1972-74, produced by Roselawn students), Photos (1990-1991), and Student Scrapbooks (1974-1992).


    Box  Folder         Contents
    CCHS Board of Director Meeting Minutes (1964-1992)
    1    1         Minutes. 1959-66.
         2         Minutes. 1967-69.
         3         Minutes. 1970-72.
         4         Minutes. 1975-79.
         5         Minutes. 1980-85.
         6         Minutes. 1986-88.
         7         Minutes. 1989-92.
    2    1         Education Committee Minutes. 1966-86. [scattered]
         2         Executive Committee Minutes. 1963-68.
    Board of Directors Information (1958-1991)
         3         Board of Directors lists. 1958-91. Addresses, Committee Assignments. 
    Organizational Information (1950-1991)
         4         Constitutions and Bylaws. 1950 - 81. Includes Constitution for Roselawn
                   Hebrew School, 1973 Constitution and 1981 Revisions.
         5         Table of Organization. 1985.
         6         School Census Information and Enrollment Data. 1970-91.
         7         Student Temple Affiliation Lists. 1981-91.
         8         Miscellaneous Policies. Undated. Includes Teacher Code of Behavior, and
                   report submitted about CCHS to a 1971 study.
         9         School and building calendars.
    Mergers (1964-1992)
         10        Pre-1973 Merger. Contains correspondence and meeting minutes.  
         11        1984 Merger. Contains correspondence, meeting minutes and legal
         12        Dissolution of CCHS in 1992.Contains correspondence and meeting
    Budget Files (1965-86, 1989-1992)
    3    1         Budget Files. 1965-66. Presentation to Federation and supporting
         2         Budget Files. 1966-67.
         3         Budget Files. 1967-68.
         4         Budget Files. 1968-69.
         5         Budget Files. 1969-70.
         6         Budget Files. 1970-71.
         7         Budget Files. 1971-72.
         8         Budget Files. 1972-73.
         9         Budget Files. 1973-74.
         10        Budget Files. 1974-75.
         11        Budget Files. 1975-76.
         12        Budget Files. 1976-77.
         13        Budget Files. 1977-78.
         14        Budget Files. 1978-79.
         15        Budget Files. 1979-80.
         16        Budget Files. 1980-81.
         17        Budget Files. 1981-82.
         18        Budget Files. 1982-83.
         19        Budget Files. 1983-84.
         20        Budget Files. 1984-85.
         21        Budget Files. 1986.
    4    1         Budget Files. 1989-90. 
         2         Budget Files. 1990-91.
         3         Budget Files. 1991-92.
         4         Monthly/ Quarterly Financial Reports. 1966-70. Includes information about
                   current month and up-to-date spending of the total yearly budget. 
         5         Monthly/ Quarterly Financial Reports. 1970-84. 
         6         Monthly/ Quarterly Financial Reports. 1985-92.. 
    Other Financial Reports (1979-1985)
         7         Trial Balance Sheets. 1979-85. Spreadsheets.
         8         Statements of Operation. 1979-86. Spreadsheets.
         9         Audits. 1972-85. Prepared by Walter Novikoff, CPA. 
         10        Quarterly FICA Reports. 1978-90. Employer's copy of IRS reports of
                   income and tax withheld.
    General Correspondence Files (1968-1992)
    5    1         Correspondence. 1968-80.
         2         Correspondence. July - December 1981.
         3         Correspondence. January - June 1982.
         4         Correspondence. July - December 1982.
         5         Correspondence. 1983.
         6         Correspondence. January - June 1984.
         7         Correspondence. July - December 1984.
         8         Correspondence. January - June 1985.
         9         Correspondence. July - December 1985.
    6    1         Correspondence. January - June 1986.
         2         Correspondence. July - December 1986.
         3         Correspondence. January - June 1987.
         4         Correspondence. July - December 1987.
         5         Correspondence. January - June 1988.
         6         Correspondence. July - December 1988.
    7    1         Correspondence. January - June 1989.
         2         Correspondence. July - December 1989.
         3         Correspondence. January - June 1990.
         4         Correspondence. July - December 1990.
         5         Correspondence. January - June 1991.
         6         Correspondence. July - December 1991.
         7         Correspondence. January - June 1992.
    CCHS Board of Directors Correspondence (1959-1985)
    8    1         Kaplan, Nate. 1959-65.
         2         Misc. Board of Directors Correspondence. 1960-70.
         3         Stregevsky, Sam. 1977-78.
         4         Fenichel, Henry. 1979-80.
         5         Winterfeldt, Myra. 1981.
         6         Heimlich, Richard. 1981-83.
         7         Fox, H. Irwin. 1983-85.
    Other Correspondence (1958-1989)
         8         Letters to the Faculty from Principal. 1958-59, 1986-89.
         9         Correspondence between CCHS and Yavneh Day School. 1965-1975.
                   Primarily concerning details of the merger and the property they jointly
    SERIES D. CURRICULUM/ ACTIVITIES (1964-1991, primarily undated)
    9    1         Calenders.
         2         Candy Bar Sales.
         3         Chanukah [Hanukkah].
         4         Code of Practice, Bureau of Jewish Education.
         5         Community Trip - Israel.
         6         Community Goals Survey (ca. 1988).
         7         Curriculum Guides.
         8         Graduations.
         9         Kristallnacht.
         10        Matzah Bakery.
         11        Miscellaneous. Pre-1964.
         12        Miscellaneous. 1978-92..
         13        Music.
         14        Parent's Handbook.
         15        Passover.
         16        Prayer Service/ Times of War.
         17        Prayers.
         18        Purim.
         19        Russian Teen Classes.
         20        Scout Awards.
         21        Shabbat Services.
         22        Tu B`Shevat.
         23        Yom Ha`atzmaut   Tu B`Shevat.
         24        Tzedakah Workshop.
    Faculty/ Staff Listings (1969-1991)
    10   1         Staff Lists. 1969-91. Includes Assignments and Contact Information.
    Staff Files (1970-1988)
         2         Amir, Anat.
         3         Anglister, Yocheved.
         4         Anat, Anshel.
         5         Azriel, Elyce
         6         Barnard, Sarah.
         7         Bassel, Marsha
         8         Berman, Susan.
         9         Deutscher, Hannah.
         10        Duchan, (Rabbi) Alan.
         11        Eichelberg, Hugo.
         12        Fox, Donna.
         13        Frank, Susan.
         14        Froikin, Roger.
         15        Greenfield, Eli.
         16        Halber, Malka..
         17        Heltzer, Joann.
         18        Hordes, Elaine.
         19        Janowiski, Chana.
         20        Katz, Eva.
         21        Katz, Lawrence.
         22        Katzen, Ruth.
         23        Klac`ko, Leah.
         24        Lavenda, Stuart.
         25        Lax, Marianne.
         26        Lennick, Robert.
         27        Magidovitch, Jonathan.
         28        Marcus, Rina.
         29        Marmet, Leah.
         30        Minkove, Menita.
         31        Moskowitz, Helene.
         32        Newberger, Susan.
         33        Peerless, Rona.
         34        Pheil, Marilyn.
         35        Preston, Ruth.
         36        Raider, Irene.
         37        Rendler, Zahava.
         38        Ronkin, Gail.
         39        Rosenbaum, Lori.
         40        Rosenblatt, Mazel.
         41        Rudavsky, Arnond.
         42        Santcroos, Aliza.
         43        Schneider, Cindy.
         44        Schwartz, Stephen.
         45        Sobel, Suzanne.
         46        Spitz, Wendi.
         47        Stein, Virginia.
         48        Strauss, David.
         49        Swillinger, Caroline.
         50        Taub, Joshua.
         51        Uvitszky, Shaini.
         52        Varady, Adrienne.   
         53        Wiederkehr, Hepzibah.
         54        Wolfson, Laurel.
         55        Yosofat, Sharon.         
    Other Faculty Information (1963-1992)
    10   56        Faculty Handbook. 1980s.
         57        Teacher Conference Minutes. 1963-64, 1970.
         58        Teacher Contract Issues/ Salary Schedules. 1977-92.
    SERIES F. STUDENT RECORDS (1956-1992) [Restricted]
    Student Registration Sheets (1973-1985) [Restricted]
    11   1         Registration. 1973-74. Northern Hills Branch
         2         Registration. 1973-74. Roselawn Branch.
         3         Registration. 1974-75. Northern Hills Branch.
         4         Registration. 1974-75. Roselawn Branch.
         5         Registration. 1975-76. Northern Hills Branch.
         6         Registration. 1975-76. Roselawn Branch.
         7         Registration. 1976-77. Northern Hills Branch.
         8         Registration. 1976-77. Roselawn Branch.
    12   1         Registration. 1977-78. Northern Hills Branch.
         2         Registration. 1977-78. Roselawn Branch.
         3         Registration. 1979-80. Northern Hills Branch.
         4         Registration. 1979-80. Roselawn Branch.
         5         Registration. 1982-83. Eastern Branch.
         6         Registration. 1982-83. Northern Hills Branch.
         7         Registration. 1983-84. Northern Hills Branch.
         8         Registration. 1984-85. Northern Hills Branch.
    13   1         Registration. 1985-86. Northern Hills Branch.
         2         Registraton. 1986-87. Northern Hills Branch.
         3         Registration. 1987-88. Northern Hills Branch.
         4         Registration. 1988-89. Northern Hills Branch.
         5         Registration. 1989-90. Northern Hills Branch.
         6         Registration. 1990-91. Northern Hills Branch.
         7         Registration. 1991-92. Northern Hills Branch.
    14             Student Tuition Payment Cards. 1970-1986. Arranged alphabetically by
                   last name within the school year. Information includes contact
                   information, parent names, Hebrew names and payment schedules of
                   tuition including PTA dues. 
    15   1         Student Tuition Payment Cards. 1987-88.
         2         Student Tuition Payment Cards. 1988-89.
         3         Student Tuition Payment Cards. 1989-90.
         4         Student Tuition Payment Cards. 1990-91. 
         5         Student Tuition Payment Cards. High School. 1960s and undated.
    Classroom Lists (1956-1992) [Restricted]
         6         Student Lists by Class/Level. 1956-1984. Includes name, contact
                   information and birthdays.
         7         Student Lists by Class/Level. 1985-1992.
    Student Cumulative Records (1969-1992) [Restricted]
    16   1         Cumulative Records. 1969-92. Northern Hills Branch. A-C. Includes
                   contact and family information, Jewish educational history, classes taken,
                   grades and comments by instructors.
         2         Cumulative Records. 1969-92. Northern Hills Branch. D-G.
         3         Cumulative Records. 1969-92. Northern Hills Branch. H-K.
         4         Cumulative Records. 1969-92. Northern Hills Branch. L-N.
         5         Cumulative Records. 1969-92. Northern Hills Branch. O-R.
         6         Cumulative Records. 1969-92. Northern Hills Branch. S-Z.
         7         Cumulative Records. 1969-86. Roselawn Branch. A-G.
         8         Cumulative Records. 1969-86. Roselawn Branch. H-O.
         9         Cumulative Records. 1969-86. Roselawn Branch. P-Z.
    Student Progress Reports (1987-1991) [Restricted]
    17   1         Student Progress Reports. 1987-91. Includes student names, grades,
                   instructor's trimester grades and comments. A-D.
         2         Student Progress Reports. 1987-91. E-K.
         3         Student Progress Reports 1987-91. L-Q.
         4         Student Progress Reports. 1987-91. R-Z.
    Other Student Information [Restricted]
         5         Student Discipline Reports 1987-91. Letters sent home to parents, some in
                   form style detailing misbehavior of children.
         6         Jewish Education Service of America Achievement Tests. 1984. CCHS
                   students names and scores.
         7         Scholarships, 1973-89. Scholarship application forms for 1973-1979. Also
                   the amounts and number of scholarships given out, prepared for the Jewish
         8         List of CCHS Graduates. 1982-86.
         9         List of Yavneh Day School Graduates. 1989.
    17   10        American Israelite Press Releases and Bills. 1982-89.  
    18   1         CCHS Community Calendar.1980-1985.
         2         CCHS Community Calendar. 1986-1992.
         3         Jewish Education in Cincinnati in the 1960s.
         4         Newspaper Clippings about CCHS. 1965-70.
         5         Miscellaneous CCHS Brochures. Undated
         6         Photos. 1990-91. Hanukkah 1990. Consecration November 1990. Panim el
                   Purim 1991. Some negatives included.
         7         Photos. Undated. Some negatives included.
         8         Student Newspaper, Roselawn Branch. 1972-73.
         9         Student Scrapbooks. 1974-84.
         10        Student Scrapbooks. 1985-92.
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