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Lillian Adlow Friedberg Papers 

Manuscript Collection No. 283

1913-1975, bulk 1942-1966. 5 Linear ft.


 The Lillian Adlow Friedberg Papers were donated to the American Jewish Archives by Lillian Adlow Friedberg, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1974. Lillian Adlow Friedberg, by the act of donating the Lillian Adlow Friedberg Papers to the American Jewish Archives, assigned the property rights to the American Jewish Archives. All literary rights to material in the collection are retained by the individual authors or their heirs. Questions concerning rights should be addressed to the Executive Director of the American Jewish Archives. The papers are available to researchers in the reading room of the Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives.


Lillian Adlow Friedberg was born on 18 December 1897 in Boston, Massachusetts, the daughter of Eastern European immigrants who arrived in the United States in the 1880s. Growing up in Boston, she attended the Dillaway School (1904-1910) and the Girls' Latin School (1910-1914). She studied history, English and government at Radcliffe College, where she earned both a Bachelor and Master of Arts degree. In 1918 she married Emanuel Friedberg. They settled in Pittsburgh, where her husband established a medical practice.

Friedberg was known for her active leadership and participation in community organizations in the Pittsburgh area. She was the Executive Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) of Pittsburgh from 1943-1965, at that time the only female Executive Director of a JCRC organization throughout the country. Friedberg also worked as a professional lecturer affiliated with the Jewish Center Lecture Bureau. In addition to the above, Friedberg was the President of the Radcliffe Club of Western Pennsylvania, Conference of Jewish Women's Organizations and Adult Education Council of Greater Pittsburgh, Director of Education Programs for the Pittsburgh chapters of Hadassah and the National Council of Jewish Women, and Vice-President of the American Jewish Congress of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh branch of the American Association of University Women (of which she was also a board member). She served on a variety of boards including the Hebrew Institute, Allegheny County Committee on Fair Employment Practices, Ladies Hospital Aid Society, United Jewish Fund of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County Council on Civil Rights, and the Pittsburgh Conference of Christians and Jews. Friedberg was the author of works on education, women's status and role in modern affairs, international and community relations and peace, civil liberties and human (Jewish) welfare, and international and cultural relations.

Friedberg had two children, Judith and Simeon. She died in 1978.

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The Lillian Adlow Friedberg Papers consist of daybooks, writings and lectures, minutes and correspondence relating to Friedberg's activities in the Pittsburgh Jewish community. The “Daily Notes” document Friedberg’s activities and work from 1943-1965, while the writings and lectures provide a hard copy of different presentations and topics she explored from her school days through to her professional work. The writings and lecture files also include some correspondence, often directly related to a specific lecture or writing of Friedberg. The Jewish Community Relations Council of Pittsburgh material consists of agendas and meeting minutes for the JCRC from 1951-1965. The miscellaneous materials include files on Friedberg’s continued involvement with her high school, Girls’ Latin School, as well as writings on Pittsburgh history, television scripts for local broadcasts, and awards received by Friedberg. The collection has been arranged into four (4) series:


Box Folder	Contents
	Series A. Daily Notes.  1943-1965.  

1	1	Daily Notes.  1943.  
	2	Daily Notes.  January - October, 1944.  
	3	Daily Notes.  November, 1944 - May, 1945.  
	4	Daily Notes.  June, 1945 - May, 1946.  
	5	Daily Notes.  June, 1946 - March, 1947.  
	6	Daily Notes.  April - December, 1947.  
	7	Daily Notes.  January - September, 1949.  
2	1	Daily Notes.  October, 1948 - March, 1949.  
	2	Daily Notes.  April - December, 1949.  
	3	Daily Notes.  January - December, 1950.  
	4	Daily Notes.  1951.  
	5	Daily Notes.  1952.  
	6	Daily Notes.  1953.  
	7	Daily Notes.  1954.  
3	1	Daily Notes.  1955.  
	2	Daily Notes.  1956.  
	3	Daily Notes.  1957.  
	4	Daily Notes.  1958.  
	5	Daily Notes.  1959.  
	6	Daily Notes.  1960.  
4	1	Daily Notes.  1961.  
	2	Daily Notes.  1962.  
	3	Daily Notes.  1963.  
	4	Daily Notes.  1964.  
	5	Daily Notes.  1965.  

	Series B.  Writings and Lectures.  1913-1975, undated. 
	6	Writings, Lectures, Notes.  1913-1918.  
5	1	Writings, Lectures, Notes.  1921-1929.  
	2	Writings, Lectures, Notes.  1930-1935.  
	3	Writings, Lectures, Notes.  1936-1937.  
	4	Writings, Lectures, Notes.  1938.  
	5	Writings, Lectures, Notes, Correspondence.  1939.  
	6	Writings, Lectures, Notes, Correspondence.  1940.  
	7	Writings, Lectures, Notes.  1941.  
	8	Writings, Lectures, Notes, Correspondence.  1942.  
6	1	Writings, Lectures, Notes.  1943.  
	2	Writings, Lectures, Notes.  1944.
	3	Writings, Lectures, Notes.  1945.  
	4	Writings, Lectures, Notes.  1946.  
	5	Writings, Lectures, Notes.  1947.  
7	1	Writings, Lectures, Notes.  1948.  
	2	Writings, Lectures, Notes.  1949.  
	3	Writings, Lectures, Notes.  1950.  
	4	Writings, Lectures, Notes.  1951.  
	5	Writings, Lectures, Notes.  1952.  
	6	Writings, Lectures, Notes.  1953.  
	7	Writings, Lectures, Notes.  1954.  
8	1	Writings, Lectures, Notes.  1955.  
	2	Writings, Lectures, Notes.  1956.  
	3	Writings, Lectures, Notes.  1957.  
	4	Writings, Lectures, Notes.  1958.  
	5	Writings, Lectures, Notes.  1959.  
9	1	Writings, Lectures, Notes.  1960.  
	2	Writings, Lectures, Notes.  1961.  
	3	Writings, Lectures, Notes.  1962.  
	4	Writings, Lectures, Notes.  1963.  
	5	Writings, Lectures, Notes.  1964.  
10	1	Lectures, Writings, Notes.  1965.  
	2	Lectures, Writings, Notes.  1966.  
	3	Writings, Lectures, Notes, Correspondence.  1967-1968.  
	4	Writings, Lectures, Notes, Correspondence.  1969-1975.  
	5	Writings, Lectures, Notes.  undated.  
	6	Writings, Lectures, Notes, Correspondence.  undated.  

	Series C.  Jewish Community Relations Council, Pittsburgh, PA.  1951-1965. 
11	1	Pittsburgh, Pa. - JCRC.  1951-1953.  
	2	Pittsburgh, Pa. - JCRC.  1954-1955.  
	3	Pittsburgh, Pa. - JCRC.  1956-1957.  
	4	Pittsburgh, Pa. - JCRC.  1958-1959.  
	5	Pittsburgh, Pa. - JCRC.  1960-1961.  
	6	Pittsburgh, Pa. - JCRC.  1962-1963.  
	7	Pittsburgh, Pa. - JCRC.  1964-1965.  

	Series D.  Miscellaneous.  1948-1973, undated.  

12	1	Boston Girls' Latin School [Correspondence].  1960-1973, undated.  
	2	Distinguished Daughters of Pennsylvania [Correspondence and Programs].  1964-1966.  
	3	History of Pittsburgh [Papers, Notes, Correspondence].  1950-1970.
	4	TV Scripts.  1960-1966.  
	5	Awards.  1948-1973.  

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