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Abraham L. Feinberg Papers

Manuscript Collection No. 588

1901-1990. 19 Linear ft.


The Abraham L. Feinberg Papers were donated to the American Jewish Archives by Mrs. Patricia C. Feinberg of Reno, Nevada. The materials were received by the Archives in two shipments in March and July, 1990. Property rights have been assigned to the American Jewish Archives. All literary rights to materials authored by Rabbi Feinberg are held by his heirs. Literary rights to materials authored by others are held by the individual author or his/her heirs. Questions concerning rights should be addressed to the Director of the American Jewish Archives.

The Abraham L. Feinberg Papers are open to all users and the original manuscript materials are available in the reading room of the American Jewish Archives.


Abraham L. Feinberg was born on September 14, 1899, the seventh of ten children of Lithuanian immigrants, Nathan (a rabbi) and Sarah (Abramson) Feinberg. Abraham was born and raised in Bellaire, Ohio, a coal-mining town across the Ohio River from Wheeling, West Virginia.

After graduating from Bellaire High School in 1916, Abraham studied at the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio, and in 1920 earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. In 1924 he was ordained rabbi at Hebrew Union College in the same city.

Rabbi Feinberg served a congregation in Niagara Falls, New York, then in late 1925, returned to Wheeling to accept the pulpit of Eoff Street Temple (predecessor of Woodsdale Temple). He served in Wheeling until January of 1927, when he moved to Temple Israel, the second largest reform congregation in New York City.

After three years of sevice at Temple Israel, on February 28, 1930, Feinberg quit the rabbinate. In his resignation sermon he explained that he had become "disillusioned with the role [he] was expected to play--more a promoter and social director of a complex organization than a pastor of human souls." The resignation was publicized in newspapers around the world and, despite Feinberg's emphasis that he was only quitting organized religion not his personal faith, his announcement precipitated a nation-wide debate.

After leaving the rabbinate, Feinberg studied opera in France and wrote his autobiography (later withdrawn from publication "because of its latent sensationalism"). In 1932 he began a new and highly successful career on radio as the romantic tenor "Anthony Frome". For three years "Anthony Frome, Poet Prince of the Airwaves" performed five nights a week on radio and made personal appearances in New York theaters. But in 1935 Anthony Frome bade his fan club farewell and Rabbi Feinberg returned to the rabbinate. Feinberg gave three reasons for leaving his lucrative radio career: his mother's death-bed wish, the imminent birth of his son, and Hitler's rise to power.

Feinberg returned to his rabbinical career at Mt. Neboh Temple, a small Manhattan congregation. After three years at Mt. Neboh, in 1938, Feinberg moved to Denver, Colorado's Temple Emanuel. In 1942 he applied for a chaplaincy in the United States Armed Forces, but was rejected for physical reasons. Then in late 1943, he accepted the pulpit at Canada's leading congregation, Holy Blossom Temple in Toronto, Ontario. There he remained in the active rabbinate for 18 years, and was named one of Canada's "Seven Greatest Preachers," according to a national poll. In 1961 Feinberg retired from the active rabbinate at Holy Blossom Temple. By 1964 he had written his first book, Storm the Gates of Jericho.

Throughout most of his career Feinberg's sermons reflected his support of progressive causes. In Toronto he led a succession of reform causes in behalf of social justice, speaking out against racism, teaching of religion in public schools, economic injustice, and nuclear arms.

Feinberg protested the Vietnam War as immoral, precipitating threats against his life, heckling at speaking engagements and publications of a libelous pamphlet, "The Red Rabbi." In January 1967 Feinberg and three other well-known clergymen journeyed to Hanoi to try to promote peace. After returning he toured the U.S. and Canada on a speaking campaign against the war and wrote his second book, Hanoi Diary, an account of his trip to Vietnam.

While visiting John Lennon and Yoko Ono at their bed-in for peace in Montreal in 1967, Feinberg suggested a slight change in the lyrics of the song "Give Peace a Chance" and sang the song with them. Lennon urged the rabbi to make a record, resulting in Feinberg's phonograph album, "I Was So Much Older Then," recorded in Toronto in 1969. Feinberg and Lennon cooperated on several pro-peace projects in 1969.

After the death of his wife, Ruth, in 1971 Feinberg moved to California for a new start. For four years he served as Rabbi-in-Residence at Glide Memorial United Methodist Church in San Francisco. In 1972 he performed on his weekly radio program "Grey Lib" in Berkeley, emphasizing rights for senior citizens.

In 1976 Feinberg moved to Reno, Nevada to be close to his son, Dr. Jonathan Feinberg. He became active in senior citizen activities, served a local synagogue, and began another radio show. The new show was called "Grey Lib Plus" and ran from the Fall of 1976 to January, 1978. In 1981 his third book, Sex and the Pulpit, was published.

On November 4, 1930 Abraham Feinberg married Ruth E. Katsh in New York City. She died of cancer on February 14, 1971 in Toronto. Abraham and Ruth had two children, Jonathan Frome Feinberg and Sarah Jane Feinberg Growe. In 1983, Abraham married Patricia C.Blanchard in Reno, Nevada.

Abraham L. Feinberg died of cancer on October 5, 1986 in Reno, Nevada.


The Abraham L. Feinberg Papers describe the career of Abraham L. Feinberg as rabbi, radio performer, author, and radical reformer. The collection includes correspondence, sermons, speeches, writings, notes, news articles, financial records, awards, photographs, scrapbooks, sound recordings and personal items. The collection is divided into eight series:

  • 1. Sermons and Speeches, 1914-1980
  • 2. Radio and Television Speeches, 1935-1972
  • 3. Notes for Speeches and Articles, 1930s-1980s
  • 4. Thesis and Book Manuscripts, 1924-1982
  • 5. Articles and Miscellaneous Writings, 1922-1985
  • 1. Anthony Frome, 1925-1935
  • 2. Gray Lib Plus, 1976-1978
  • F. SCRAPBOOKS, 1925-1971
  • H. SOUND RECORDINGS, 1969-1986
  • 1. Phonograph Records, 1969
  • 2. Tape Recordings, 1972-1986
  • SERIES A. SERMONS, SPEECHES AND WRITINGS consists of 5 hollinger boxes (2.0 ft.) of sermons, speeches, notes, writings and some miscellaneous materials. Series A is divided into 5 sub-series. Sub-series 1. Sermons and Speeches consists of 1 1/4 hollinger box of sermons, most delivered at Holy Blossom Temple in Toronto, and speeches concerning religious and social reform topics delivered on various occasions, including club meetings and protest demonstrations. Sermons and speeches dated prior to 1928 are filed in a single folder and a large number of these, dated from 1936-1980, are arranged in alphabetical order by title. Filed separately are "Revolutionary Messages" (sermons) delivered by Feinberg as Rabbi-in-Residence at Glide Memorial United Methodist Church in San Francisco, California, from 1972-1976. Materials in sub-series 1 span the years 1914-1980, but the bulk is dated 1936-1978.

    Sub-series 2. Radio and Television Speeches consists of 1/2 hollinger box of speeches and messages delivered by Feinberg "on-air" on program series such as the "Message of Israel" (New York, 1937-1969), "Brotherhood Hour" (Station CFRB, [Toronto?], 1947-1949), "Grey Lib" (Station KPFA, Berkeley, California, 1972), and miscellaneous other programs. Materials in sub-series 2 span the years 1935-1972, but the bulk is dated 1935-1949.

    Sub-series 3. Notes for Speeches and Articles consists of 3/4 hollinger box of handwritten notes and outlines from which Feinberg wrote articles or delivered sermons or speeches. Included are notes made during trips to Europe and Israel in 1949 and 1959, the outline for the sermon announcing his resignation from Temple Israel in 1930 and notes for lecture series and sermons delivered in the 1970s in California and Nevada. The material spans the 1930s-1980s with the bulk dated in the 1970s.

    Sub-series 4. Thesis and Book Manuscripts consists of 1 1/2 boxes of Feinberg's (handwritten) thesis submitted to Hebrew Union College in 1924 and hand or typewritten drafts for his unpublished autobiography, Release (1929-1931), and published books, Storm the Gates of Jericho (1964), and Sex and the Pulpit (1981). The materials in sub-series 4 span the years 1924-1982.

    Sub-series 5. Articles and Miscellaneous Writings consists of one hollinger box of Feinberg's articles, handwritten or as printed in various newspapers and magazines. Topics include religion, Canada, pacifism and radical social reform. The materials in sub-series 5 span the years 1922-1985, with the bulk dated in the 1940s-1970s.

    SERIES B. CORRESPONDENCE AND MISCELLANEOUS RE: ACTIVITIES consists of 3 1/2 hollinger boxes (1.4 ft.) of correspondence, greeting cards, news articles, notes, speeches, poetry, programs, publicity materials, memorabilia, interview transcript, book contracts, reviews, reports and pamphlets. Series B includes material pertaining to Feinberg's rabbinical career, his support of peace and disarmament movements, his trip to Hanoi, his relationship with John Lennon, his three published books and the phonograph album he recorded. The material in Series B spans the years 1929-1987, with the bulk dated 1960-1984.

    SERIES C. RADIO CAREERS AND MUSIC consists of 4 1/2 hollinger boxes (1.8 ft.) of newsletters, articles, membership lists, notes, lyrics, correspondence, questionnaires, financial records, publicity materials, program formats, and music. Series C is divided into two sub-series relating to Feinberg's two major radio programs in the 1930s and 1970s.

    Sub-series 1. Anthony Frome, The Poet Prince, consists of 2 boxes of newsletters, articles, membership lists, program proposals, note cards, sheet music and song books relating to Feinberg's radio career as "Anthony Frome." The shipping carton in which these materials were received by the American Jewish Archives was labeled with the following note: "Many, diverse songs, most of them done by "Anthony Frome" on the "Poet Prince" radio program, NBC-WJZ network, 5 nights a week, out of Radio City Studio, New York, 1932-1935. (My name for radio was "Anthony Frome." Abraham L. Feinberg)." The materials in Sub-series 1 span the years 1901-1937, but the bulk are dated 1925-1935. NOTE: One folder of over-sized sheet music is located in oversize box No. X-369. Additional sheet music used by "Anthony Frome" is located with the materials in Sub-series 2, since it was later employed in the "Grey Lib Plus" radio program in 1976-1978.

    Sub-series 2. Grey Lib Plus consists of 2 1/2 boxes of correspondence, publicity materials, program formats, questionnaires, financial records, guest books, song lists, lyrics, poetry, song sheets and song books relating to the "Grey Lib Plus" radio show (Seasons 1, 2, and 3), originating in Reno, Nevada, Fall, 1976-January, 1978. Some music and lyrics may have also been used by "Anthony Frome" on the "Poet Prince" radio program in 1932-1935 (see Sub-series 1, above). The materials in Sub-series 2 span the 1920s-1978, with the bulk dated 1976-1978.

    SERIES D. PERSONAL PAPERS AND AWARDS consists of one hollinger and one large oversize box (2.4 ft.) of biographical sketches, articles, cartoons, programs, notes, obituaries, applications, passports, identity/membership cards, presentation booklet, engraved wristwatch, diplomas, awards, rubber stamp, neck pendants, lapel pins, shipping list (prepared by Mrs. Patricia C. Feinberg to accompany this collection to the American Jewish Archives), foreign coins and currency. The materials in Series D span the years 1916-1990, with the bulk dated in the 1950s-1980s. NOTE: A box of memorabilia collected by Feinberg on his trip to Hanoi in 1966-1967 is located in the AJA Rare Documents File.

    SERIES E. CARD FILE OF RESEARCH NOTES AND QUOTATIONS consists of 5 hollinger "shoe" boxes (1.5 ft.) of 3x5 (and a few 4x6) index cards with handwritten quotations or notes pertaining to various subjects, including Judaism, Christianity, faith, Palestine, fear and Churchill. The 3x5 cards are arranged roughly in alphabetical order according to topic or author. The cards in Series E are undated.

    SERIES F. SCRAPBOOKS consists of one hollinger and 7 oversize boxes ( 9.5 ft.) of scrapbooks and scrapbook pages containing articles, programs and correspondence pertaining to Feinberg. The scrapbook pages were originally 2 scrapbooks spanning the years 1925-1939. The scrapbooks are numbered (1 through 32) and are arranged in roughly chronological order. The materials in Series F span the years 1925-1971. NOTE: Descriptions of scrapbook contents can be found in the shipping list compiled by Mrs. Patricia C. Feinberg when this collection was donated to the American Jewish Archives. The shipping list is located in Series D.

    SERIES G. PHOTOGRAPHS AND PICTURES consists of one hollinger box (0.4 ft.) of photographic prints, mostly labeled and mostly in black and white. Also included in Series G is a pencil sketch of Feinberg dated 1986 located in oversize box No. X-369). The photographs and picture span the years 1927-1986 and include the following subjects: Abraham L. Feinberg, "Anthony Frome", rabbinical activities (in New York, San Francisco and Toronto), protest demonstrations and pro-peace activities (including trips to Moscow, Berlin and Hanoi). NOTE: See also under TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA - HOLY BLOSSOM TEMPLE for a print and photographs pertaining to the synagogue building in Flat File Cabinet 5, Drawer 12 and AJA Photograph Collection respectively.

    SERIES H. SOUND RECORDINGS consists of phonograph records and tape recordings and is divided into 2 sub-series. Sub-series 1. Phonograph Records consists of 2 items, both dated 1969. Feinberg's album, "I Was So Much Older Then," is located in oversize box No. X-369; and a 7" disc (with autographed dust cover) containing "Give Peace a Chance" recorded by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, with Feinberg's voice in the background, is located in the AJA Rare Documents File.

    Sub-series 2. Tape Recordings consists of over 100 reels and cassettes of speeches, interviews, a memorial service for Feinberg, "Grey Lib" radio programs (Berkeley,California, 1972) and "Grey Lib Plus" radio programs Reno, Nevada, 1976-1978). Sub-series 2 spans the years 1972-1986. NOTE: The materials in Sub-series 2 are be located in the AJA Tape recording Collection.


    Box  Folder    Contents
    Sub-series 1.  Sermons and Speeches.
    1    1    Early Sermons and Speeches, 1914-1927
              Sermons and Speeches (in alphabetical order)
         2         (A-B), 1936-1966
         3         (C-D), 1938-1970
         4         (E-H), 1936-1970
         5         (I-L), 1938-1964
         6         (M-P), 1936-1978
         7         (R),  1936-1973
         8         (S-T), 1946-1963
         9         (V-Y), 1937-1980
    2         Sermons ("Revolutionary Messages"), given at Glide Memorial United
              Methodist Church, San Francisco, California
         1         1972-1973
         2         1974-1976
    Sub-series 2.  Radio and Television Speeches.
              Radio Speeches
         3         "Mid-Day Message" and other radio talks on New York
                        Stations, 1935-1938
         4         "Message of Israel", 1937-1960
         5         Miscellaneous, 1939-1961
         6         Station CKEY, [Toronto?] 1945-1946
         7         Station CFRB, [Toronto?] "Brotherhood Hour," 1947-1949
         8         "Grey Lib" on Station KPFA, Berkeley, California, 1972
              Television Speeches
         9         Channel 9, CFTO-TV, [Toronto?], 1961-1964
    Sub-series 3.  Notes for Speeches and Articles.
         10   Notes for Sermons/Speeches including resignation and radio, 1930's
         11   Notes re: Trip to Israel, 1949
         12   Notes re: Trip to Europe, North Africa and Israel for United
                   Palestine Appeal/Joint Distribution Committee, 1959;
                   and to Germany, 1949
    3    1    Notes and articles re: Jews and Radicalism, the New Left, 
         2    Notes for Speeches, 1960's-1980's
         3    Notes and Source material re: Drugs, 1968
         4    Notes for sermons given at Shearith Israel, San Francisco,
                   California, 1975-1976
              Notes for Unitarian Lecture Series given at San Francisco, 1973,
              and at the Center for Religion and Life, University of Nevada,
              Reno, Nevada, 1976 (only Nos. 1, 2 and 4 at Reno)
                   Lecture No.:
         5              1  "Jesus - A Modern Jewish View"
         6              2  "The Crucifixion Story and Anti-Semitism"
         7              3  "Individual Salvation or Radical Social Activism:
                             Key '73 vs. Glide Memorial"
         8              4  "Is God Dead? Does it Really Matter? 
                             or Is Man Dying?"
         9              5  "This Post-Judeo-Christian Age and the Disenchanted
         10   Notes and miscellaneous for (4) class lectures re: "Sex over
                   Sixty? Over?" given at Senior Summer School, Reno, Nevada,
         11   Notes for Speeches/Articles re: sexual themes, 1981
    Sub-series 4.  Thesis and Book Manuscripts
         12   Thesis, "Prophetic Influences in the Narrative Portions of the
              Pentateuch, and their Significances," submitted to Hebrew Union
              College, Cincinnati, Ohio, My 1, 1924
              Manuscript of Autobiography, Release (not published), 1930-1931
         13        pp. 1-196
         14        pp. 197-402
    4         Manuscript of Autobiography, Release
         1         Chapter VIII (xerox copy), D, 1929
         2         Chapter VIII (original, FRAGILE), D, 1929
         3         Manuscript of Autobiography, Release/version 2 of
                        Storm the Gates of Jericho, n.d.
              Manuscript for Sex and the Pulpit
         4         Outline and Chapters I-VI, n.d.
         5         Chapters VII-XV, n.d.
         6         Manuscript and notes, n.d.
    Sub-series 5. Articles and Miscellaneous Writings
         7    Prayers and Inspirations, 1948-1978 and n.d.
         8    Published Quotations, 1977
         9    Articles in Hebrew Union College Monthly, 1922-1938
    5    1    Articles (A-Y), 1939-1985
              Articles (series), "From a Rabbi's Watch-Tower," in The Jewish
              Standard, Toronto-Montreal
         2         N 1, 1951-D 15, 1952
         3         J - D, 1953
         4         J - O, 1954
         5    Articles (series), "Canadians and Their Religion" in The Globe and
                   Mail, Toronto, 1958-1962
         6    Articles (series), "Hanoi Diary", original diary and as published
                   in The (Toronto) Globe and Mail, 1967
         7    Article, "I'm a Longhair -- and Like it!" with notes and source
                   materials, 1970
         8    Articles, speeches and notes re: Jesus, 1939-1979
         9    Article, "Facing Terminal Cancer - A Personal Story," 1985
         10   Articles, printed  (A-L), 1936-1984
         11   Articles, printed  (M-Z), 1936-1984
    6    1    A - Z, General, 1962-1985
         2    Cards after cancer surgery, 1985
         3    Black Panther Party - articles and notes re: Anti-Fascist
                   Conference, Jl, 1969          
         4    Center for Religion and Life, University of Nevada at Reno, 1976-1978
         5    Central Conference of American Rabbis  (CCAR) - Correspondence and
                   speech, 1977-1984
         6    China (proposed trip not taken), 1975
         7    Christmas Carol Controversy, D, 1950 - Mr, 1951
         8    Faber, David and Freda - Correspondence and poetry, 1972-1974
              Glide Memorial United Methodist Church, San Francisco, California
         9         Correspondence, programs, publicity, 1967-1982
         10        News articles, 1972-1976
         11   Gray Panthers (Maggie Kuhn) - Correspondence and articles,
                   1972, 1978
         12   Grey Lib (Aging)/RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program, Reno,
                   Nevada, 1976-1978
              Hanoi Trip
    7    1         Correspondence re: passport, 1966-1968
         2         Correspondence, 1966
         3         Correspondence, notes and memorabilia, 1966-1967 
                   NOTE:  See also memorabilia in Rare Documents File,
                   including foreign coins and paper currency and 5 lapel pins
                   from Canada, China and Vietnam
         4         Visit to Hanoi Prisoner of War Camp - Correspondence, 1967
         5         Notes, transcript of interview, speech, 1967
         6         Hanoi Diary - correspondence and contract, 1968-1970
         7         Hanoi Diary - Reviews, 1967-1969
         8         Hanoi (post-trip) - correspondence, greeting cards, and articles, 1968-1979        
         9    Homosexuality - correspondence and articles, 1979-1983
              Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
         10        Articles, annual report, programs, 1943-1959
         11        Correspondence, articles, installation programs, 1963-1984
         12   Kaplan, Kivie and Emily - re: Feinberg's activities in 
                   San Francisco, Cal., My, 1972
         13   League for People's Friendship - correspondence re: Invitation to East Berlin, 1970            
              Lennon, John
         14        Correspondence, notes and articles, 1969-1984
         15        Proposed Toronto Peace Festival, 1969-1970
                   NOTE:  See Rare Documents file for autographed phonograph
                   record by Lennon, described in Series H.
    8    1    Marcus, Jacob Rader, 1956-1980's
         2    National Conference of Christians and Jews - Resignation, 1982
         3    Nevada State Officials - Correspondence and award, 1977-1982
              Nuclear Disarmament
         4         News articles, (includes Toronto Committee for Disarmament),
         5         Correspondence, (includes Toronto Committee for
                        Disarmament), 1960-1962
         6         Nuclear Disarmament Conference in London, S 14-16, 1961;
                        Peace Mission to Moscow, S - O, 1961; and Germany, 
                        O, 1961
         7         Nuclear Protest Activities, Toronto, 1976
         8         Nuclear Protest Activities (including Lenten Desert
                        Experience), Nevada, 1982-1983
         9    Prostitution Organizations, including Coyote, 1975-1981
         10   Record Album, "I Was So Much Older Then," correspondence,
                   contract, articles, 1969-1971
         11   "The Red Rabbi" pamphlet by David Stanley and correspondence,
              Sex and the Pulpit, published 1981
         12        Correspondence and publicity, 1971-1984
         13        Reviews and articles, 1976-1984
         14   Soviet Jewry, 1952-1972
              Storm the Gates of Jericho
         15        Correspondence and contracts, 1961-1973
         16        Correspondence and reviews re: German translation entitled 
                            Christus Killer: Trauma Meines Lebens,
         17        Promotional material and booklists, 1964-1969
    9    1         Newspaper reviews, 1964-1967
         2         Magazine reviews, 1964-1967; and undated reviews
         3    Taylor, Nat, 1973-1987
         4    Temple Israel of the City of New York - Confirmation Service
                   programs, Je 14,1929  NOTE: See photograph in Series G
         5    World Assembly for Peace (re: meeting to be held in Berlin,
                   Je, 1969), 1969
    Sub-series 1.  Anthony Frome, The Poet Prince.
         6    Periodical, Who's Who in Radio, Jl, 1935
         7    Fan Club, " The Anthony Frome Fellowship" - newsletter, articles,
                   membership list, 1933-1969
         8    Proposal for Radio Program, "The Wandering Minstrel," 1937
         9    Notes re: How to Sing Well, 1920's-1930's
         10   Lecture/Recital, "Art of Living as Expressed in Song" (on note
                   cards), 1930's
         11   Lyrics on note cards for German, French, and Italian songs, 1930's
         12   Lyrics on note cards for mainly English language songs, 1930's
         13   Sheet music (manuscript) and notes from a program re: "Love Songs
                   of Many Lands," 1930's
              Sheet music - most sung by "Anthony Frome" on "Poet Prince" Radio
              Program, New York, N.Y.
         14        1932-1935
    10   1-4       1932-1935
    X-369     1 folder  1932-1935
         5         Opera Songs for tenor, 1901
         6         World Famous Songs, 1913
    11   1         New Palestinean Folk Songs, Books 1 and 2, 1926, 1933
         2         Album of Songs by Victor Herbert, 1927
    Sub-series 2. Grey Lib Plus, 1976-1978. Correspondence, publicity and program
         3    Grey Lib Plus 1, 1976-1977    
         4    Grey Lib Plus 2, 1977
         5    Grey Lib Plus 3, 1977    
         6    Listener Surveys, 1976-1978
         7    Grant from Nevada Humanities Committee, 1976-1977
         8    Charge Slips for Recording sessions, n.d.
         9    General Ledger (financial), 1976-1978
              Financial Records
         10        Grey Lib Plus, 1976-1977
         11        Grey Lib Plus 2, 1977-1978
    12   1         Grey Lib Plus 2, 1977-1978
         2         Grey Lib Plus 3, 1977-1978
         3    Guest Book, O, 1976 - O, 1977
         4    Guest Book, O - D, 1977
              Programs and Music 
         5         Grey Lib Plus, Fall, 1976
         6         Grey Lib Plus 2, Spring, 1977
    13   1         Grey Lib Plus 3, O, 1977 - Ja, 1978
         2    Songs not sung on Grey Lib Plus - music, lists, lyrics
         3    Songs - lists, lyrics, poems, 1960's
         4    Sheet music and lyrics for "Poet Prince" and/or Grey Lib Plus
         5    "Old Time Song Book, with Music," n.d.
         6    Songbook - Four Songs and Footnotes, by Theodore Bikel, 1960     
         7    Songbook - Maurice Chevalier: The Fabulous Frenchman, 1960's
    14   1    Biographical Sketches, 1969-1984
         2    Biography in Canadian Profiles, by George Lonn, 1965
         3    Biographical and miscellaneous articles, cartoons, 1950-1986
         4    California activities - articles, notes, and programs, 
         5    Reno, Nevada - activities, articles, programs, 1976-1987
         6    Obituaries, memorial services, O, 1986
         7    High School graduation - speech and article, Je, 1916
         8    Handwritten defense of behavior during "Love Affair," 1922
         9    Chaplaincy application, 1942-1943
         10   Passports, 1968, 1980; American Foreign Service Identity Card,
                   1949; and miscellaneous membership cards, 1952-1985
         11   Feinberg Family, 1958-1985
         12   Feinberg, Ruth Katsh (Mrs. Abraham L.), 1957-1975
         13   Marriage to Patricia C. Blanchard, 1983
         14   Shipping list for Abraham L. Feinberg Collection when collection
                   sent to AJA compiled by Mrs. Patricia C. Feinberg, Je, 1990
         15   Presentation Booklet, 1941
         16   Honorary Degrees, 1957; Phi Beta Kappa Society (articles and
                   certificate) 1920; certificate for ascending to summit of
                   Masada, 1984
         17   American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Nevada Civil Libertarian
                   of the Year Award - certificates and related papers, 1986
    X-369     Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR) - certificate of life
                   membership, 1974
              Diploma for Honorary Doctor of Law degree from University of 
                   Toronto, My 31, 1957
              Diploma for Rabbinical degree from Hebrew Union College,
                   Cincinnati, Ohio, My 31, 1924
              Diploma for Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Hebrew Union
                   College Jewish Institute of Religion, Cincinnati, Ohio,
                   My 24, 1957
              Calligraphed quotation "on the occasion of a surprise reception in
                   honor of his eightieth birthday, S 9, 1979
              Engraved metal on wood plaque received from Glide Memorial United
                   Methodist Church in honor of 75th birthday, S, 1974
              Ceramic tile on wood Distinguished Merit Citation from National
                   Conference of Christian and Jews (NCCJ) and the Nevada
                   Council for religion and the Arts for Gray Liberation
                   Community Service, O 1, 1978
              Portrait - pencil sketch by "Barnard", Ap 28, 1986
              Rolled banner style photocopies of articles featuring Feinberg's
                   activities in 1933-1934 and 1967-1969
              Microfilm Box containing
                   "Grey Lib" rubber stamp, 1976-1978
                   Gold colored wrist watch engraved from Anthony Frome
                        Fellowship (AAP), S 14, 1935
                   Small Peace symbol pin (plastic and metal)
                   Metal Peace symbol pendant on chain with "Raiza Palatnik,
                        USSR Prisoner of Conscience" on one side 
                   Circular metal penknife pendant with initials "AF"
    NOTE:  See Rare Documents File for box of lapel pins, and foreign currency
    collected on trip to Hanoi, North Vietnam, D, 1966 - Ja, 1967
    FEW 4X6) CARDS
    15        A - D
    16        E - I
    17        I - P
    18        P - S
    19        S - Z, and miscellaneous
    SERIES F.  SCRAPBOOKS (containing articles, programs and correspondence)
              Scrapbooks, 1925-1939                             
    20   1         Part 1
         2         Part 2
              Scrapbooks, "Anthony Frome, Poet Prince," 1932-1935              
         3         Part 1
         4         Part 2
              Numbered Scrapbooks (primarily chronological arrangement)
    X-370               1-2, 1937-1943
    X-371               3-7, 1943-1952 
    X-372               8-11, 1949-1967     
    X-373               12-18, 1952-1963
    X-374               19-23, 1959-1970
    X-375               24-28, 1960-1967
    X-376               29-32, 1926-1971
    SERIES G.  PHOTOGRAPHS AND PICTURES (all materials are photographic prints
    unless otherwise noted)
    X-369          Pencil sketch of head and shoulders of Abraham L. Feinberg by
                   "Barnard", Ap 28, 1986
    21   1    Portraits of Abraham L. Feinberg (including Anthony Frome), 
         2    Feinberg with friends and acquaintances, 1958-1986
         3    Temple Israel, New York, N.Y. - Confirmation class, Je 14, 1929
         4    Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Installation
                   service for Rabbi Harvey J. Fields, Ap 30, 1978
         5    London Disarmament Meeting/Peace Mission to Moscow/Visit to
                   Germany, S-0, 1961
         6    Glide Memorial United Methodist Church, San Francisco, California,
         7    Hanoi Trip, Ja, 1967
         8    Protest Demonstrations, 1974, 1982
    Sub-series 1.  Records.
    X-369          Album, "I Was So Much Older Then," 1969
    NOTE:  See Rare Documents File for record, "Remember Love/Give Peace a Chance," by the
    Plastic Ono Band (cover autographed by John Lennon and Yoko Ono), 1969
    Sub-series 2.  Tape Recordings
              Speeches, Lectures, Interviews and Memorial Service, 1972-1986
              "Grey Lib," Pilot and Show Nos. 1-9 and unnumbered, 1972
              "Grey Lib Plus," Show Nos. 1-70, 1976-1978