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Herman E. Snyder Papers

Manuscript Collection No. 598

1916-1992. 10 Linear ft.


The bulk of the HERMAN E. SNYDER PAPERS were donated to the
American Jewish Archives by Sinai Temple, Springfield, 
Massachusetts, in June, 1993.  The autographed copy of
the bound memoirs (1982) and several letters were donated 
by Rabbi Snyder in 1980, 1982 and 1983.  The 1992 version of the
bound memoirs and the bound copies (Vol. 1-8) of the Sermon 
Collection were donated by Mrs. Julia Fink, of Cincinnati, Ohio, 
daughter of Rabbi Snyder, in July, 1994.  

Sinai Temple and Mrs. Julia Fink, by the act of donating the
Snyder Papers to the American Jewish Archives, assigned the
property rights to the American Jewish Archives.  All literary 
rights to materials authored by Herman E. Snyder are held by his
heirs.  Literary rights to materials authored by others are held
by the individual author or his/her heirs.  Questions concerning 
rights should be addressed to the Director of the American Jewish

The HERMAN E. SNYDER PAPERS are available to all users in the
reading room of the American Jewish Archives.


Herman Eliot Snyder was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts,
on July 7, 1901.  He graduated from the University of Cincinnati 
with a BA and from Hebrew Union College (HUC) with a BHL in 1926. 
In 1928, he was ordained Rabbi at HUC.

Snyder began his rabbinical career while still an HUC student.  
He served student and summer pulpits in Wausau, Wisconsin;  
Kalamazoo, Michigan;  Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Owensboro, Kentucky;  
Binghamton, New York;   Harrisburg, Pennsylvania;  and Dallas, Texas.  

In 1928, he accepted the pulpit of Congregation B'rith Sholom in 
Springfield, Illinois, and was formally installed on August 31. 
Snyder served B'rith Sholom until 1946, with a leave of
absence from April, 1944, to March, 1946, to serve as a chaplain 
during World War II.  During his tenure in Springfield, Illinois, 
Snyder was active in many community service organizations
and activities, including:  the USO, Boy Scouts, Springfield 
Library, Springfield Open Forum, War Bond Committee, Council 
for Juvenile Delinquency Prevention, Rotary Club, B'nai B'rith
and Girl Scouts.  He helped to found the Springfield Community 
School for Adults, the Springfield Jewish Federation, Americans
All - Immigrants All (a national organization to assist
immigrants) and the Springfield Nature League.  During the 
1930s Snyder was chairman of the local Joint Distribution Committee
to raise relief funds.  Snyder actively promoted Jewish-Christian 
relations;  he was the first Rabbi elected president of the Springfield
Ministerial Association.  His active interest in promoting equality 
in human relations led to his appointment to the Illinois State Committee
on Naturalization and Americanization (a committee concerning race
relations) by the Governor and to seeking equal employment practices
for African Americans.   

In March of 1944, Snyder was commissioned a Chaplain (Lieutenant)
in the US Naval eserve.  After completion of Chaplain's Training 
School in Virginia, he was assigned to the arine Corps at Camp 
Joseph Pendleton in Oceanside, California.  In addition to his regular
duties as Chaplain, Snyder conducted services at San Diego area
military bases and at Santa argarita Naval Hospital.  He continued 
to correspond with Jewish servicemen from Springfield, Illinois, 
an activity begun in 1942.  While on duty in California he also 
maintained contact with members of Congregation Brith Sholom, both
by mail and with visits to Springfield.  Snyder was discharged from
active duty in March of 1946, but continued to serve as an instructor
at the Naval Reserve Training Center at Great Lakes, Illinois.  He 
was discharged from the Naval Reserve in 1954, but served as a parttime
chaplain for the US Air Force from 1957-1967 at Westover Air Force Base, 
Massachusetts and led a Torah Convocation (sponsored by the National 
Jewish Welfare Board) in 1954 for Jewish airmen in the Azores.

Snyder returned to Brith Sholom from his chaplain's duty in March, 1946. 
The following spring he was offered and accepted a new pulpit at Temple 
Sinai in Springfield, Massachusetts. He was formally installed on
November 10, 1947.  Snyder remained at Temple Sinai as Rabbi and Rabbi
Emeritus until his death in 1992.  He was elected Rabbi Emeritus in 1970.
During the first ten years of his service in the pulpit, a new temple 
was built and the membership of Temple Sinai grew from about 50 families
to over 500 families.  

In Massachusetts Snyder continued his active involvement with 
numerous community service organizations.   A few of his many
interests included:  Red Cross, United Fund, Rotary Club, 
Urban League, B'nai B'rith, Boy Scout Council and Jewish 
War Veterans.  He was founder and first President of the
New England Region group of the Central Conference of American
Rabbis.  He traded or shared pulpits with Christian clergy in
Springfield to promote better Jewish-Christian relations. 
During the 1950s and 1960s Sinai Temple and the Trinity United
Methodist Church held joint "Brotherhood Week" services;  
and Snyder was a guest speaker at Trinity at least once a 
year for at least 20 years.

In addition to presenting sermons to his congregations, Snyder
was a popular speaker and lecturer.  For several years while
in Illinois, Snyder conducted a weekly radio program "in behalf
of good will and better understanding between all people."  During
the war he gave speeches in support of the War Bond Drive.  In 
1932 and 1936 he traveled to Europe and Palestine and added accounts 
of his journeys to his list of lecture topics.  In the 1930s his 
topics included democracy, Hitler, Nazism, and dictatorship. 
From 1931 to 1990 lecture assignments, often arranged under the
auspices of the Jewish Chautauqua Society, took Synder to colleges,
prep schools, civic and church groups, and organizations across
the country from Maine to California.
Snyder wrote many articles for local newspapers, including 
editorials and letters to the editor.  He also submitted 
articles to Jewish journals. In his later years, Snyder became 
a more prolific writer.  In addition to newspaper and journal
articles, he wrote histories of the congregations he served in
Illinois and Massachusetts.  And he wrote his memoirs, including
descriptions of his family, his numerous activities, and the
organizations he served.  He also compiled a set of copies of
his sermons and had them bound.

On February 11, 1934, Herman Snyder married Adele Biederman of
St. Louis.  Herman and Adele had four children. Herman Eliot Snyder
died September 7, 1992, in Springfield, Mass.  He was 91.


The HERMAN E. SNYDER PAPERS document the career of Herman E. Snyder as rabbi,
chaplain and author.  The collection includes correspondence, sermons, 
speeches, writings, notes, research materials, military records, news 
articles, awards, photographs and personal items.  The collection is divided
into six series:  

                        A.  Sermons, Speeches and Writings
                        B.  Correspondence 
                        C.  Congregational Pulpits and Chaplaincy
                        D.  Research Materials
                        E.  Personal Papers and Miscellaneous
                        F.  Photographs.

SERIES A.  SERMONS, SPEECHES AND WRITINGS consists of 11.75 hollinger
boxes (4.5 ft.) of titled and untitled sermons, speeches, radio talks, 
articles, school notes and term papers, draft sermons, miscellaneous 
writings and lists of sermon/article topics.  Series A is divided into 
7 sub-series. (NOTE:  See AJA Tape Recording Nos. 1538-1553 for recorded
sermons and addresses, including a 25th anniversary service in honor of
Snyder's ordination, 1953-1975.)  

Sub-series 1. Titled Sermons consists of 4 hollinger boxes of sermons
arranged in alphabetical order by the first word in the title, or by the
name of a special day (Hanukah, Mother's Day, Armistice Day, Thanksgiving
Day, etc.). The same or similar sermons may be found under differing titles.
Materials in sub-series 1 span the years 1926-1984, but the bulk are dated
in the 1930s to 1960s. 

Sub-series 2. Sermon Collection consists of 2 hollinger
boxes of sermons copied and compiled by Rabbi Snyder from the original
sermons, of which the majority are now filed in sub-series 1 or 3. Volumes
1-8 have been bound. Each of the volumes is prefaced by a list of contents.
The sermons are in no discernable order. Materials in sub-series 2 span
the years 1926-1985, but the bulk are dated in the 1930s to 1960s. 

Sub-series 3. Special Sermons and Speeches consists of 2 boxes of sermons 
and speeches written for special occasions, such as the High Holy Days, 
life cycle ceremonies, memorial services; for special occasions at Temple 
B'rith Sholom and Temple Sinai; for joint services or pulpit exchanges 
with Christian churches; for service organization meetings; for War Bond 
Drive rallies; and for the radio program "Today's Forum." Also 
included is publicity and correspondence concerning the radio shows, 
invocations and miscellaneous speeches. The dated materials in sub-series 3 
span the years 1931-1990, but the bulk is dated in the 1930s-1970s. 

Sub-series 4. Untitled and Draft Sermons consists of 1/2 hollinger box of 
untitled sermons or drafts for sermons, many of which are undated. The 
dated materials in sub-series 4 span the years 1929 to 1981. 

Sub-series 5. Articles consists of 1 1/4 boxes of articles and papers 
written by Rabbi Snyder arranged in alphabetical order. More than one 
version of the same article may be found under differing
titles. In some cases (i.e. Folders 9/7 and 10/2) several versions were
filed together under one title. Materials in sub-series 5 span the years
1933-1990, but the bulk is dated in the 1980s. 

Sub-series 6. Miscellaneous Writings consists of 1/2 box of untitled 
articles, series of newspaper articles, articles for the Temple Sinai
bulletin, a history of the Jews in Springfield, Mass., questions pertaining
to Judaism asked by persons (often college students) at the end of a 
lecture or speech by Rabbi Snyder, and school notes and term papers from 
Snyder's training at the University of Chicago and Hebrew Union College. 
The dated materials in sub-series 6 span the years 1925-1987. The school 
papers are dated 1925-1927; the remaining materials are dated 1934-1987.

Sub-series 7. Sermon/Article Lists, Ideas and Drafts consists of 1 
hollinger box of lists of sermon and article titles, notes and research
materials containing ideas for sermons or articles, incomplete sermons
and preliminary drafts of sermons. The dated materials in sub-series 7 span
the years 1927-1987, but the bulk is dated 1930s-1970s.
The title lists are dated 1936-1975.

SERIES B. CORRESPONDENCE consists of 4 3/4 hollinger boxes (1.9 ft.)
of correspondence with individuals and organizations dealing with Snyder's
education and career as a rabbi, his service to the community, his speaking
engagements and miscellaneous. Series B is divided into three sub-series.

Sub-series 1. Individuals, Organizations, and Topics consists of 3 3/4
hollinger boxes of correspondence and miscellaneous material received from
or sent to individuals or organizations. The materials are arranged alphabetically
by the name of the individual or organization, or by a topic heading (i.e.
"Anti-semitism," these two folders contain materials pertaining
to anti-semitic acts. The brochures, flyers and other documents were generated
by several sources and may have been sent to Snyder from various sources.
Some of the materials were produced by the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai
B'rith). Materials in sub-series 1 span the years 1916-1992, but the bulk
is dated in the 1930s-1980s. 

Sub-series 2. Correspondence re: Speaking Engagements consists of 
1/2 hollinger box of correspondence inviting or thanking Snyder for
speaking at club meetings and colleges throughout the United States.
Many of the lectures were given under the auspices of the
Jewish Chautauqua Society. Materials in sub-series 2 span the
years 1931-1990, but the bulk is dated in the 1950s-1960s. 

Sub-series 3. Miscellaneous Correspondence consists of 1/2 hollinger 
box of small amounts of correspondence with numerous individuals.
The letters in the first three folders are arranged chronologically.
Materials in sub-series 3 span the years 1929-1992.

boxes (.8 ft.) of correspondence, histories, bulletins, constitution, reports,
programs and miscellaneous pertaining to the three congregations Rabbi
Snyder served and his service as a chaplain. Series C is divided into four

Sub-series 1. Temple Emanu-El, Dallas, Tex. consists of 1 folder of
correspondence pertaining to Snyder's student pulpit at Temple Emanu-El
in 1928. Materials in sub-series 1 are dated 1928-1929. 

Sub-series 2. Temple B'rith Sholom, Springfield, Ill. consists of
1/2 hollinger box of correspondence, histories, bulletins,
programs and miscellaneous material pertaining to
Snyder's service at Temple B'rith Sholom. Materials in sub-series 2 span
the years 1928-1988, but the bulk is dated in the 1930s-1940s. 

Sub-series 3. Sinai Temple, Springfield, Mass. consists of 1/2 
hollinger box of a constitution, correspondence, histories, annual 
meeting reports, bulletins, programs and miscellaneous pertaining to 
Snyder's service to Sinai Temple, including materials concerning the 
nvitation to become rabbi at Sinai, moving to Massachusetts, the annual
Institute on Judaism (an inter-religion educational program), and 
celebrations of Snyder's installation and anniversaries. Materials 
in sub-series 3 span the years 1947-1991, but the bulk is dated

Sub-series 4. Chaplaincy consists of 1 hollinger box of service
records, correspondence, reports, bulletins and miscellaneous pertaining
to Snyder's Navy chaplaincy during World War II, and his ministry for the
U.S. Air Force in the Azores (1953-1954) and at Westover Air Force Base,
Mass. (1957-1967). Also included are correspondence and miscellaneous materials
concerning his activities in the Jewish War Veterans and correspondence
with Jewish servicemen from Springfield, Ill. Materials in sub-series 4 
span the years 1934-1992, but the bulk is concentrated in 1942-1946.

SERIES D. RESEARCH MATERIALS consists of 2 hollinger boxes and 1 hollinger
shoebox (1.2 ft.) containing articles, books, speeches, pamphlets, sermons,
poetry and notecards. Topics included World War II, Holocaust, human rights
and relations, ethics, mixed marriage, Judaism and Hebrew Union College.
Series D is divided into two sub-series. 

Sub-series 1. World War II consists of 3/4 hollinger box of articles,
books and a bibliography pertaining to the Holocaust, Nazi anti-semitism,
events in Europe from 1936-1943, Father Coughlin's views and Jewish soldiers
and chaplains. Materials in sub-series 1 span the years 1927-1971. 

Sub-series 2. Research Materials (general) consists of 2 1/4 boxes 
of speeches and sermons (by Christian clergy, rabbis, and others;
mostly as printed pamphlets), pamphlets (containing essays on various 
subjects, including Black-Jewish relations, mixed marriage, Judaism, 
and rabbinical ethics), a Sabbath prayer service, poetry and notes and
quotations on 3x5 notecards. Materials in sub-series 2 span the years 
1927-1971 and include undated items, but the bulk is dated 1930s-1950s.

boxes (1.5 ft.) of biographical sketches and articles, memoirs, family
history and genealogy, family correspondence, materials (correspondence,
receipts, itineraries) pertaining to family trips,anniversary greetings,
appointment calendars, awards and ration books. Series E. is divided into
5 sub-series. 

Sub-series 1. Biographies and Memoirs consists of 1 hollinger box of
biographical sketches (includes sketch for Adele Snyder) and news articles,
memoirs, and a diary describing Rabbi Snyder's career, trips to Europe
in the 1930s, childhood and family history. Materials in subseries 1 span
the years 1917-1992, but the bulk (memoirs) is dated 1980s-1992. 

Sub-series 2. Anniversary and Retirement Greetings and Testimonials 
consists of 1 hollinger box of letters and greeting cards congratulating
Snyder on his 30th and 40th anniversaries in the rabbinate and his
retirement from Sinai Temple. Materials in sub-series 2 are dated 
1957 1968 or 1970. 

Sub-series 3. Engagement/Pocket Appointment Calendars consists of
1 hollinger box containing 2 sets (one pocket size, one larger size) 
of appointment books with notations indicating Snyder's activities 
Materials in sub-series 3 span the years 1954-1992, but the bulk are
dated 1970-1992. 

Sub-series 4. Family Correspondence,Genealogy and Trips consists 
of 1/2 hollinger box of correspondence, family history, itineraries
and miscellaneous. Included is correspondence with family and close 
family friends, wedding congratulations (1934), genealogical 
information and material pertaining to family trips and Snyder's trips 
to Europe in the 1930s. Materials in sub-series 4 span the years 1927-1991.

Sub-series 5. Miscellaneous consists of 1/4 hollinger box of correspondence,
awards, news articles, World War II ration books, and miscellaneous pertaining
to awards and honors given to Snyder, his retirement agreement, World War II 
rationing and miscellaneous. Materials in sub-series 5 span the years 1930-1990. 

SERIES F. PHOTOGRAPHS consists of 1/4 hollinger box (1 ft.) of photographs
of Herman and Adele Snyder, friends and acquaintances, Hebrew Union College
faculty and student body (1930) and Sinai Temple. One folder (Folder 25/6)
contains photocopies of photographs. Materials in Series F span the years
1929-1992, but the bulk are dated 1947-1990.


Box Folder     Contents


Sub-series 1.  Titled Sermons (in alphabetical order), 1926-1984

1   1     A-Am
    2     An-Aw
    3     B
    4     C
    5     D
    6     E
    7     F
    8     G

2   1     H
    2     Hanukah
    3     I
    4     Isaac M. Wise
    5     Je
    6     Joint Distribution Committee, 1931-1940
    7     Jo-Ju
    8     K
    9     L

3   1     M
    2     N
    3     O
    4     P
    5     Q
    6     Ra-Re
    7     Ri-Ru
    8     Sa-Si

4   1     So-Sy
    2     T
    3     U
    4     V
    5     Wa-Whi
    6     Who-Wo
    7     X-Y-Z

Sub-series 2.  Sermon Collection (bound copies of titled sermons compiled by
          Rabbi Snyder), 1926-1985

    8     Sermon Collection, Vol. 1

5   1     Sermon Collection, Vol. 2
    2     Sermon Collection, Vol. 3
    3     Sermon Collection, Vol. 4

6   1     Sermon Collection, Vol. 5
    2     Sermon Collection, Vol. 6
    3     Sermon Collection, Vol. 7
    4     Sermon Collection, Vol. 8
    5     Sermon Collection, Vol. 9 (unbound)

Sub-series 3.  Special Sermons and Speeches, 1931-1990

7   1     Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah sermons, 1940-1968 and n.d.
    2     Bar mitzvah and wedding sermons, 1941-1974 and n.d.
    3     Funeral sermons, A-H (alphabetical by name of the deceased)
    4     Funeral sermons, I-W (alphabetical by name of the deceased)
    5     Funerals - general information, 1960 and n.d.
    6     Memorial sermons, general and for celebrities, 1931-1986 and n.d.
    7     Special sermons and talks at Temple B'rith Sholom, 1938-1990
    8     Special sermons at Temple Sinai, 1947-1984

8   1     Old First Church (Springfield, Mass.), 1952-1955 and n.d.
    2     Trinity Methodist Church/Temple Sinai Joint Services, 1954-1975 
               and n.d.
    3     Trinity Methodist Church bulletins for recorded sermons (see AJA
               Tape Recording Nos. 1543 and 1550), 1963, 1969
    4     Masonic Lodge speeches, 1931-1987
    5     Rotary Club speeches and newsletter (edited by Snyder), 1932-1989
    6     Springfield [Ill.] Ministerial Association - speeches,
               correspondence and miscellaneous, 1940-1983
    7     Sermons, articles and War Bond Drive talks by Chaplain Snyder,
    8     Radio talks on "Today's Forum," 1938-1942
    9     Publicity and correspondence re:  radio shows, 1940-1944 and n.d.
    10    Invocations and prayers, 1949-1986 and n.d.
    11    Miscellaneous speeches, 1931-1977 and n.d.

Sub-series 4.  Untitled and Draft Sermons, 1929-1981 and n.d.

9   1     Untitled sermons, 1930-1942 and n.d.
    2     Untitled sermons, 1946-1959 and n.d.
    3     Untitled sermons, 1960-1969 and n.d.
    4     Untitled sermons, 1970-1981 and n.d.
    5     Untitled and draft sermons, 1929-1938 and n.d.

Sub-series 5.  Articles (in alphabetical order), 1933-1990 and n.d.

    6     A-C
    7     "Bankruptcy of 'Jewish' Education," 1986
    8     Bar/Bat Mitzvah, late 1980s
    9     B'nai B'rith, 1963 and n.d.
    10    Church and State - article and notes, 1984-1986

10  1     "Conflict between Paganism and Judaism in Christianity," 
               late 1980s
    2     Converting Jews to Judaism, late 1980s
    3     D-I
    4     Jew-Jews
    5     Judaism
    6     L-Q
    7     R-T
    8     U-Z

Sub-series 6.  Miscellaneous Writings, 1925-1987 and n.d. 

    9     Untitled articles and series, 1948-1987 and n.d.
    10    Temple Sinai bulletin articles, 1948-1985 and n.d.
    11    History of Jews in Springfield, Mass. (1865-1915), 1979
    12    Questions asked re:  Judaism and "Ask the Rabbi" article,  1934-1987

11  1     Term paper, "The Significances of Dying and Rising Divinities,"
               University of Chicago, 1925
    2     Term papers from HUC classes, 1925-1926
    3     Homiletics classnotes and sample sermons, 1925-1927
    4     Writings and notes from HUC classes, Mr-Ap, 1925 and n.d.
    5     History I classnotes (Dr. Mann), D 1924-My 1925
    6     History III classnotes (Dr. Mann), O 1926-My 1927

Sub-series 7.  Sermon/Article Lists, Ideas and Drafts, 1927-1987 and n.d.

    7     Sermon lists, 1936-1975
    8     Sermon lists and ideas, 1948-1949
    9     Sermon and article lists and ideas, 1951-1953
    10    Sermon ideas, 1927-1987 and n.d.
    11    Sermon ideas and drafts, 1928-1943 and n.d.

12  1     Sermons and ideas, 1961
    2     Sermon/editorial notes, 1973-1976
    3     Sermon notes and incomplete sermons, n.d.


Sub-series 1.  Individuals, Organizations, and Topics, 1916-1992

    4     American Council for Judaism/American Jewish Conference, 
    5     American Jewish Committee, re:  anti-semitism, 1943-1944, 1987
    6     Americans All - Immigrants All, Springfield, Ill., 1943
    7     Anti-Defamation League (ADL) - correspondence and misc., 
    8     ADL lecture tour in Colorado, F, 1941
    9     Anti-semitism - pamphlets and misc. (including by ADL), 1942-1970
    10    Anti-semitism and religious persecution in Germany, Poland, and
               Russia, 1929-1939

13  1     B'nai B'rith, 1918-1935
    2     B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundations, 1948-1965
    3     [S.] Burlington, Vermont, congregation [Sinai Temple?], (Virginia
               and Arthur Greenblott), 1965-1969
    4     CCAR (Central Conference of American Rabbis) - correspondence and
               misc., 1948-1992
    5     CCAR - re: Jewish ceremonial forms, 1951-1985 and n.d.
    6     CCAR Commission on Church and State, 1948-1955
    7     CCAR Commission on Church and State, 1956, 1987
    8     CCAR Committee on the Unaffiliated, 1950-1983
    9     CCAR - Journal of Reform Judaism, 1984-1988
    10    CCAR New England Region (NER, successor to ENECLR), 1959-1985
    11    CCAR - Retired Rabbis and Pension Board, 1945-1984
    12    Cohen, Jim (Paris, France), 1982
    13    Cohon, Samuel S. (HUC professor), 1930-1949
    14    Driftmier, Theodore (Congregational Church, Springfield, Mass.),
    15    Eichhorn, David Max (rabbi), 1932-1968
    16    Engel, A. Lehman (musician), 1929-1930
    17    Folkman, Jerome D. (rabbi), 1990
    18    Foriegn Policy Association of the Connecticut Valley, 1947-1956
    19    Freehof, Solomon B. (rabbi), 1946-1970
    20    Glueck, Nelson  (HUC president) and Helen, 1947-1971
    21    Griffin, James A. (bishop in Springfield, Ill.), 1929-1940

14  1     HUC (Hebrew Union College) - admission application and student
               pulpits, 1920-1928
    2     HUC - miscellaneous correspondence, 1936-1991
    3     HUC-JIR (Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion)
               Alumni Overseers - minutes, 1961-1965
    4     HUC-JIR Herman E. Snyder Alumni Prize, 1969-1983
    5     Hermann, Klaus J. (professor, Quebec), 1992 and n.d.
    6     Holmes, John Haynes (Christian minister), 1933-1943
    7     Holocaust Memorial Day proposal to CCAR, 1955-1985
    8     Holocaust observance, 1985-1988
    9     Horner, Henry (governor of Ill.), 1934-1983
    10    Illinois Federation of Jewish Youth, 1942
    11    Institute of Jewish Studies, Springfield, Ill., 1936-1940
    12    Jewish Agency for Palestine - history, 1929
    13    Joint Distribution Committee campaigns, 1931-1940
    14    Joint Distribution Committee - re:  refugees, 1937-1946
    15    Juvenile Delinquency Commission, Springfield, Mass., 
               Ap, 1955-My, 1957
    16    Juvenile Delinquency Commission, Springfield, Mass., 
               Je, 1957-1968
    17    Kaplan, Joseph (scientist and speaker), 1958-1963
    18    Korn, Bertram W. (rabbi and chaplain), 1945-1958, 1983
    19    Lincoln Library, Springfield, Ill., 1940-1947

15  1     Magee, J. Ralph (Methodist bishop, Chicago), 1947
               [NOTE:  See photo in Folder 23/11]
    2     Maguire, Joseph F. (bishop of Springfield, Mass.), 1980-1990
               [NOTE:  See photo in Folder 23/12]
    3     Marcus, Jacob R. and American Jewish Archives, 1947-1991
    4     Masonic Lodge - correspondence and articles, 1980-1985
    5     Menorah Society, University of Cincinnati, 1925
    6     Mercy Hospital Fund Raising Committee, Springfield, Mass., 1971
    7     Morgenstern, Julian (HUC president), 1930-1971
    8     NCCJ (National Conference of Christians and Jews) - award speech
               and misc., 1935-1988
    9     National Jewish Welfare Board, 1937-1964
    10    Peace Heroes Memorial Society, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1927-1941
    11    Petuchowski, Jakob J. (HUC professor), 1966-1991
    12    Raisin, Max (rabbi), 1947-1948
    13    Rhodes, Nicholas E. and Kaye, 1961-1963
    14    Robinson, John I. (attorney, Springfield, Mass.), biographical
               material, 1916-1973
    15    Rosenberg, Ludwig (Chicago,Ill.), 1942-1943
    16    Rotary Club - correspondence and misc., 1929-1989
    17    Sachs, Mary (Harrisburg, Pa.), 1927-1958
    18    Schwarz, Leo (lecturer), 1941-1947, 1983
    19    Service Bureau for Colored Children of Sangamon County,
               Springfield, Ill., 1938-1947
    20    Silver, Abba Hillel (rabbi), 1945,1962
    21    Sobel, Samuel (rabbi and chaplain), 1946-1986
    22    Springfield (Ill.) Committee for Resettlement of Refugees, 
    23    Springfield (Ill.) Town Meeting of the Air, 1939-1940
    24    Springfield (Mass.) College, 1968-1985
    25    Temple Israel, Tulsa, Okla., 1935
    26    Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1929-1986
    27    United China Relief - pamphlets, 1943
    28    United States Congressmen and Senators, 1935-1991
    29    Wagner, Hughes and Trinity Methodist Church, Springfield, Mass.,
    30    Weldon, Christopher J. (chaplain, bishop of Springfield, Mass.),
    31    Wise, Stephen S. (rabbi), 1932-1934 and n.d.

    32    WUPJ (World Union for Progressive Judaism) - services in Rome and
               Paris, 1953-1971
    33    Ziffer, Walter (Bangor Theological Seminary), 1985-1992
               [NOTE:  See photo in Folder 23/14]
    34    Zoll, Leonard S. (rabbi), 1965-1970

Sub-series 2.  Correspondence re:  Speaking Engagements, 1931-1990

16  1     Speaking engagements (general), 1931-1990

          PREP SCHOOLS, 1951-1986:
    2     Eaglebrook School, Deerfield, Mass., 1967-1970
    3     Deerfield Academy, Deerfield, Mass., 1951, 1967
    4     MacDuffie School for Girls, (Springfield, Mass.?), 1964, 1967
    5     Mount Hermon School, Mt. Hermon, Mass., 1967, 1978
    6     Mount Holyoke College for Girls, South Hadley, Mass., 1953-1986
    7     Suffield Academy, Suffield, Conn., 1965-1968

          JEWISH CHAUTAUQUA SOCIETY, 1937-1963:
    8     Jewish Chautauqua Society (general), 1937-1960
    9     Bangor Theological Seminary, Bangor, Me., 1948
    10    Bennington College, Bennington, Vt., 1960
    11    Colby Junior College, New London, N.H., 1949-1960
    12    Maine Christian Association, at University of Maine, Orono, Me., 1948
    13    Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, N.Y., 1963
    14    Vermont Junior College, Montpelier, Vt., 1952-1960

Sub-series 3.  Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1929-1992

    15    Miscellaneous correspondence, 1929-1959
    16    Miscellaneous correspondence, 1960-1978
    17    Miscellaneous correspondence, 1981-1992
    18    Miscellaneous correspondence, undated
    19    Letters to Rabbi Snyder from Rabbi MORRIS S. LAZARON concerning
               personal matters, Ja 22, 1978; and from Rabbi SAMUEL H.
               GOLDENSON regarding the COLUMBUS PLATFORM, New York,
               N.Y.,    Jl 1, 1937
    20    Personal anecdotes regarding CHARNEY VLADECK, EDUARD BENES,
               Ambassador WILLIAM E. DODD, and LORD HALIFAX (in letters to
               Jacob R. Marcus), Longmeadow, Mass., N 18, 1980 and Mr 10, 1982.


Sub-series 1.  Temple Emanu-El, Dallas, Texas (Student rabbi in 1928), 1928-1929

17  1     Correspondence, 1928-1929

Sub-series 2.  Temple B'rith Sholom, Springfield, Illinois, 1928-1988

    2     Correspondence and miscellaneous, 1928-1988
    3     Histories of Temple B'rith Sholom, 1935-[1985?]
    4     Memorial building campaign, 1945
    5     Temple B'rith Sholom Bulletins, D, 1928-Mr, 1931

Sub-series 3.  Sinai Temple, Springfield, Massachusetts, 1947-1991

    6     Constitution and cemetery bylaws, n.d.
    7     Correspondence, chiefly re: Snyders' move to Mass., 1947
    8     Correspondence and miscellaneous, 1948-1986
    9     Institute on Judaism, 1947-1986
    10    Histories of Sinai Temple, 1948-1983
    11    Snyder's annual meeting reports, 1954-1970
    12    Sinai Temple Bulletins, 1947-1951
    13    Snyder's installation and anniversaries, 1947-1991

Sub-series 4.  Chaplaincy, 1934-1992

18  1     U.S. Navy - official records, 1944-1946
    2     U.S. Navy - Officer Service Record File No.373534 USN, 1944-1955
    3     U.S. Navy Chaplain - correspondence, reports, and misc., 1944-1947
    4     U.S. Navy Chaplain - monthly reports and chapel bulletins (Camp 
               Pendleton), 1945-1946
    5     Correspondence with servicemen from Springfield, Ill., 
               1934, 1942-Ap, 1945
    6     Correspondence with servicemen from Springfield, Ill., My, 1945-1948
    7     Jewish War Veterans - correspondence and miscellaneous, 1942-1992
    8     U.S. Air Force/NJWB (National Jewish Welfare Board) Torah
               Convocation, Azores, 1953-1954
    9     U.S. Air Force - Westover Air Force Base, Mass., 1957-1967


Sub-series 1.  World War II, 1939-1944

19  1     Special Day of Prayer for Nazi Victims, My 2, 1943
    2     Articles re:  nazis and anti-semitism, 1936-1947
    3     Current events news articles, 1939
    4     Current events news articles, 1940
    5     Book re:  Father Coughlin, Shrine of the Silver Dollar, 1940
    6     Articles and bibliography re:  war in Europe, 1941, 1943
    7     NJWB book re:  Jewish soldiers, Fighting for America, 1944
    8     Article re:  Jewish chaplains, "The Symbol of Liberation," D, 1944

Sub-series  2.  Research Materials (general), 1927-1971

    9     HUC Founder's Day addresses, 1945-1956
    10    "Message of Israel" and "Town Hall Discussions" speeches, 
               1949-1951 and n.d.
    11    Pamphlet, "Code of Ethics," reprinted from CCAR Yearbook, 1940

20  1     Pamphlets re:  Black-Jewish relations and civil rights, 1955-1971
    2     Sisterhood Sabbath prayer service, "The Words of My Mouth," by
               Shirley A. Kleinman, 1955
    3     Pamphlets re:  mixed marriage, 1944, 1961
    4     Research materials - misc. pamphlets, 1927-1960   
    5     Pamphlet series, "Popular Studies in Judaism," by UAHC, n.d.
    6     Sermons, "The Community Pulpit Series," by John Haynes Holmes and
               guests, 1929-1932
    7     Sermons, "The Community Pulpit Series," by John Haynes Holmes and
               guests, 1933-1942
    8     Inspirational poetry and articles, 1933-1952 and n.d.
    9     Sermon "Texts and Pretexts" notecards, n.d.

21        3x5 Notecards, n.d.


Sub-series 1.  Biographies and Memoirs, 1917-1987

22  1     Biographical sketches (Herman and Adele Snyder), 1944-1986 and n.d.
    2     Biographical news articles, 1931-1987
    3     Miscellaneous biographical material, 1917-1985
    4     Memoirs (autographed and bound copy), Longmeadow, Mass., D, 1982
    5     Memoirs (bound copy), Longmeadow, Mass., 1992
    6     Memoirs - Springfield, Ill. (1928-1947), 1982
    7     Memoirs - Trips to Europe (Germany), 1932, 1936
    8     Diary (family history and memoirs), 1945-1946
    9     Miscellaneous memoirs, n.d.

Sub-series 2.  Anniversary and Retirement Greetings and Testimonials, 1957-1970

23  1     30th Anniversary Greetings, 1957
    2     30th Anniversary Greetings, 1957
    3     40th Anniversary Greetings, 1968
    4     40th Anniversary Greetings, 1968
    5     40th Anniversary Greetings (sent to Sinai Temple), 1968
    6     Retirement Dinner - invitations and replies, Ag-S, 1970
    7     Retirement Dinner - guest list, S 13, 1970
    8     Retirement Dinner - testimonials, Ag-S, 1970
    9     Retirement Dinner - congratulatory messages, S, 1970

Sub-series 3.  Engagement/Pocket Appointment Calendars, 1954-1992

24        Engagement Calendars, 1958-1992
          Pocket Appointment Calendars, 1954-1992

Sub-series 4.  Family Correspondence, Genealogy and Trips, 1927-1991

25  1     Auer, Debbie and Paul, 1974-1988 and n.d.
    2     Friedland/Godfrey family, 1992 
               [NOTE:  See photos in Folder 23/8]
    3     Herzog family (Fritz and Helen?), 1971-1991
    4     Rothschild/Ettinghausen family to Adele, 1929, 1985-1986
               [NOTE:  See photo in Folder 23/13]
    5     Snyder family - correspondence and miscellaneous, 1927-1991
    6     Wulf family of South Africa, 1975-1990
    7     Genealogy, "Grandpa Fisher Wolfson's Family,"  n.d.
    8     Wedding greetings, 1934
    9     Trips to Europe, 1932, 1936
    10    Miscellaneous trips, 1934-1977
    11    Trip with Adele and Jane to Britain, France and India, 1964

Sub-series 5.  Miscellaneous, 1930-1990

    12    Awards and honors - correspondence and miscellaneous, 1946-1987
    13    World War II ration books; and Office of Price Administration
               correspondence, n.d.
    14    Retirement agreement, 1969-1987
    15    Miscellaneous, 1930-1990


    16    Snyder, Herman E. and Adele, 1959-1989
    17    Snyder, Herman E. and Sinai Temple (xerox copies), 1947-1970 and n.d.
    18    Driftmier, Theodore, 1989  
               [NOTE:  See correspondence in Folder 11/14]
    19    Friedland/Godfrey family, 1992  
               [NOTE:  See correspondence in Folder 20/10]
    20    HUC (Hebrew Union College) faculty and student body, 1930
               (American Israelite article, Jl 4, 1930)
    21    Jewish War Veterans at Abraham Lincoln Monument, Ill., F 12, 1947
    22    Magee, J. Ralph, 1947
               [NOTE:  See correspondence in Folder 13/1]
    23    Maguire, Joseph F. with Herman E. Snyder, 1990
               [NOTE:  See correspondence in Folder 13/2]
    24    Snyder, Adele (subjects unidentified), 1929
               [NOTE:  Found with correspondence in Folder 20/11]
    25    Ziffer, Walter, 1985-1986
               [NOTE:  See correspondence in Folder 13/33]
    26    Miscellaneous family, friends and unidentified, 1985-1990
                       A Finding Aid to the