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Miriam S. Mann Papers

Manuscript Collection No. 627 

1941-1993.  3.6 Linear ft.


 The Miriam S. Mann Paperes were donated to the Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives by Mrs. Blessing S. Sivitz of Cincinnati, Ohio.  The papers were received in March, 1998. All literary rights to the Miriam S. Mann Papers are held by the Mann heirs. All literary rights to other materials are held by the individual author or his/her heirs. Questions concerning rights should be addresed to the Executive Director of the American Jewish Archives. The papers are available to researchers in the reading room of the Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives.


 Miriam Sivitz Mann was born on October 20, 1910, in Cincinnati, Ohio.  She graduated from Walnut Hills High School in 1928. She also graduated as a registered nurse from the Jewish Hospital School of Nursing in 1931.

 Mann worked as the assistant editor of the Anglo-Jewish Weekly from 1937-1941, and as managing editor from 1956-1960.  In 1964 she served as a caseworker for the Hamilton County Welfare Department.

 For most of Mann's life she served Jewish volunteer organizations on the national and local level.  She was a Board member of the National Body of Pioneer Women, serving as its national Seminar Chairman from 1952-1958. She was a board member of the American Zionist Federation, and was a delegate to the 27th World Zionist Congress in Jerusalem. In 1967 she served as a member of the National Executive Committee of the Labor Zionist Alliance.  She was  National vice-president of the Labor Zionist Organization of America from 1969-1971.  In 1973 she traveled to South Africa and served as a special campaign speaker for the Union of Jewish Women of South Africa.

 On the local level Mann helped recreate the Cincinnati Zionist Council and served as its President from 1966-1968.  She was President of the Cincinnati Council of Pioneer Women and  was active in the Hamilton County Council for Retarded Children.  She was also a board member of the Jewish Community Relations Council and the Citizens' Committee on Justice and Corrections.

 Mann traveled widely in the United States, Europe and Israel.  She was well known in the Cincinnati area as a speaker on current Jewish issues and as a reviewer of books. Miriam Sivitz married Albert Mann on December 10, 1936.

 Miriam Sivitz Mann died in 1997.


 The Miriam S. Mann Papers describe the life of Miriam S. Mann as an active member of Pioneer Women, the Labor Zionist Alliance, the Union of Jewish Women of South Africa and the Jewish Community Relations Council and other Zionist organizations both nationally and in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Materials in the collection include correspondence, research, book reviews and addresses.  The collection is divided into four series:

SERIES A.  WRITINGS AND ADDRESSES is divided into 2 sub-series.  Sub-series 1.  Addresses consists of 1 hollinger box (.4 ft.) of speeches pertaining to Jewish issues given by Mann.  The folders in this series are arranged chronologically.  Most of the folders list the topic and the place where the talk was presented.  The materials in sub-series 1 span the years 1965-1982.  Sub-series 2.  Book Reviews consists of 2 hollinger boxes (.8 ft.) of book reviews presented by Mann at meetings and conventions.  She reviewed books by both Jewish and non-Jewish authors.  The folders in this series are arranged alphabetically by book title and span the years 1963-1983.  Sub-series 3.  Research consists of 3 1/2 hollinger boxes (1.4 ft.) of research materials collected by Mann including articles, publications and maps.  The most prominent subject matter deals with issues in the Middle East.  The folders are arranged alphabetically and the material spans the years 1966-1992.

 SERIES B.  CORRESPONDENCE AND MISCELLANEOUS consists of 1 1/2 hollinger boxes (.6 ft.) of correspondence, articles, minutes, publications and miscellaneous material.  The bulk of the material pertains to Jewish organizations in which Mann was active including:  the Jewish Community Relations Council of Cincinnati, the Labor Zionist Alliance, Pioneer Women and the Union of Jewish Women of South Africa. The folders are arranged alphabetically and span the years 1941-1993.

 SERIES C.  PERSONAL consists of 1/2 hollinger box (.2 ft.) of biographical sketches and articles concerning Miriam and Albert Mann.  The folders in this series are arranged alphabetically.  The folders span the years 1969-1988

 SERIES D.  PHOTOGRAPHS consists of 1/2 hollinger box (.2 ft.) of photographs of Miriam and Albert Mann, as well as their family and friends.  The span dates are the 1930's -1975.


Box  Folder    Contents

Series A: Writingss
        Sub-series 1.  Addresses, 1965-1982
1       1               Schmidt, Esther, 1965
        2               "World Jewry Report," Jewish Community Relations Council, July 11, 1968
        3               "The Family Israel," Federation of Jewish Women, November 13, 1969
        4               Hadaggah,  November 13, 1967; and 
                        "Educational Day," December 8, 1969
        5               "Israel," Pioneer Women, September 8, 1970
        6               "Solidarity with World Jewry," Bureau of Jewish Education, January 19, 1970
        7               "Israel," Jewish World Council, March 31, 1971
        8               Meir, Golda, 1979
        9               "Israel Society," Kenwood Baptist Church, March 16, 1981 and 
                        "Judaism," Madeira Church of Christ, October 28, 1981
        10              "Jerusalem," Walnut Hills Christian Church, May 12, 1981
        11              "Lebanon Invasion," Temple Shalom, November 13, 1982
        12              Patterson, David- vita, n.d.
        13              Azran, Jacques- vita, 1983

       Sub-series 2.  Book Reviews, 1963-1983 and n.d.
2       1               American Women: The Changing Image. Beverly Cassara, ed., n.d.
        2               A Certain People.  Charles E. Silberman, n.d.
        3               Coming Home.  Rahel Ben-Zvi, 1963
        4               Every Spy a Prince. Yossee Melman and Dan Raviv, n.d.
        5               The First Million Sabras. Margalit Banai and Herbert Russcol, n.d.
        6               The Fixer. Maurice Samuel, n.d.
        7               The Gates of the Forest.  Elie Wiesel, n.d.
        8               In the Land of Israel.  Amos Oz, 1984
        9               The Israelis.  Amos Elon, n.d.
        10              Little Did I Know.  Maurice Samuel, n.d.
        11              My Life.  Golda Meir, 1978
        12              My Michael.  Amos Oz, n.d.
        13              Other People's Houses.  Lore Sega, n.d.
        14              Portnoy's Complaint.  Philip Roth, 1969
        15              Ragtime.  E.L. Doctorow, n.d.

3       1               The Rape of Tamar.  Dan Jacobson, 1971
        2               The Spinoza of Market Street. Isaac Singer, n.d.
        3               When Memory Comes. Saul Friedlander, n.d.
        4               Chafets, Ze'ev, n.d.
        5               Stille, Alexander, n.d.

        Sub-series 3.  Research, 1966-1992
4       1               Anti-semitism, 1972-1982
        2               Anti-semitism, 1980-1990
        3               Anti-semitism, 1991-1992
        4               Ariel, (Quarterly Review of the Arts and Sciences in Israel), 1969
        5               Binyan, (Six-Day War), 1967
        6               Blacks and Jews, 1984-1985
        7               Blacks and Jews, 1990
        8               Cincinnati 200 Years, 1988
        9               Dual Citizenship, 1970
        10              Falasha Jews, 1978-1979
        11              Genocide, 1972
        12              Holocaust and Nazi Criminals, 1973-1986
        13              Israel, 1969-1982
        14              Israel, 1971
        15              Israel, 1985-1989
        16              Israel- Christianity, 1968-1973
        17              Israel- Middle East, 1970
        18              Israel, 1979-1987
        19              Israel, 1986-1989
        20              Israel, 1989
        21              Israel. N.d.

5       1               Israel- Miscellaneous, 1981-1988
        2               Israel- Miscellaneous, 1985-1988
        3               Jerusalem, 1971
        4               Jerusalem, 1971-1980
        5               Jerusalem, 1980-1981
        6               Jerusalem- Notes, 1969-1975
        7               "The Jews of Silence," Elie Wiesel, 1966

6       1               Lebanon, 1982-1988
        2               Lebanon/Jordan, 1982
        3               Maps of Middle East, n.d.
        4               Map of Middle East, 1947
        5               Miscellaneous Articles, 1982-1990
        6               Miscellaneous Research, 1966-1981 and n.d.
        7               Miscellaneous, 1990-1991
        8               Moslem Religious Life in Jerusalem, 1970
        9               Oil and the Middle East- Energy Crisis, 1973
        10              Politics USA, 1983-1988
        11              Refugees, 1969-1986
7       1               Soviet Jewry and Terrorism, 1973-1990
        2               Supreme Court Decision on Citizenship, 1967
        3               Timmerman, Jacob [articles], 1981
        4               Travel Notes and Notes for Addresses, 1983 and n.d.

SERIES B: Correspondence and Miscellaneous, 1941-1993.
7       5               American Civil Liberties Union- Klan Watch Program, 1988-1991
        6               Cards- Miscellaneous, 1967-1976
        7               Hardy, Mary, 1969
        8               Israel- letter to editor, "The Tragedy of Israel," 1973
        9               Jewish Community Relations Council- Israel Task Force, 1978-1979
        10              Jewish Community Relations Council- Urban Affairs Committee, 1975-1986 

8       1               Labor Zionist Alliance, June 1974-February, 1982
        2               Labor Zionist Alliance. 1982-1986.
        3               Labor Zionist Alliance. 1987-1990.
        4               Labor Zionist Alliance- Convention, 1988
        5               Labor Zionist Alliance- Members, 1990-1991
        6               Labor Zionist Alliance, 1992-1993
        7               Labor Zionist Alliance Committee, 1992
        8               Pioneer Women, 1941-1943
        9               Pioneer Women, 1943
        10              Pioneer Women, 1947-1949
        11              South African Notebook, 1973
        12              South Africa- Article for Publication in Jewish Frontier, 1973
        13              South Africa- Address, 1973
        14              South Africa- Articles, 1973

9       1               South Africa- Women's Communal Fund Campaign, 1973

SERIES C: Biographical, 1969-1988
9       2               Biographical Sketches and Articles, 1969-1984
        3               Biographical Sketches and Articles, 1975-1976
        4               Mann, Albert- Articles, Obituary and Eulogy, 1988
        5               Travel Book and Planner, n.d.

SERIES G: Photographs, 1940's-1975
9       6               Family and Friends, 1940's -1980's
        7               Family, 1940's-1950's
        8               Mann, Miriam and Albert, 1930's-1975
        9               Passport Photographs. 1954-1986.
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