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Floyd S. Fierman Papers

Manuscript Collection No. 649 

1940-1988. 6.4 Linear ft.


 The Floyd S. Fierman Papers were donated to the American Jewish Archives by Temple Mount Sinai, El Paso, Texas in January 1990. Temple Mount Sinai, by the act of donating the Floyd S. Fierman Papers to the American Jewish Archives, assigned the property rights to the American Jewish Archives. All literary rights to material authored by Floyd S. Fierman are held by the Fierman heirs. All literary rights to material authored by others are retained by the individuals and their heirs. Questions concerning rights should be addressed to the Executive Director of the American Jewish Archives. The papers are available to researchers in the reading room of the Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives.


 Floyd Fierman was born in 1916 in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Following his graduation from John Carroll University, he attended Hebrew Union College and  was ordained in 1945. From 1944-1949, he worked with Rabbi Solomon Freehof at Rodef Shalom Temple in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. During his Pennsylvania tenure he took a strong interest in historical Jewish religious education. While a student at Hebrew Union College, Fierman taught Rockdale Temple Sunday School and also at the Jewish Community Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.  This interest in Jewish education served as a basis for his doctoral dissertation which he earned from the University of Pittsburgh in 1949.

 Rabbi Fierman served as the rabbi of Temple Mount Sinai, El Paso, Texas from 1949 until retirement in 1981.  It was a period of growth, both of membership and the construction of a new building.  His activities included the National Conference of Christians and Jews and Jewish education.  He also served as the founder of the El Paso Jewish Historical Society in 1980. Fierman  was rabbi emeritus at Temple Mount Sinai until his death.

 Fierman was also an avid scholar. He focused primarily on the history of Jews in the Southwest with the publication of the books Guts and Ruts: Jewish Pioneers on the Trail in the American Southwest in 1985 and Roots and Boots: From Crypto-Jew in New Spain to Community Leader in the American Southwest in 1987.  Fierman also published several articles on Jewish pioneers.   In the late 1980s, Fierman turned his research focus to Nelson Glueck's service with the OSS during World War II.

 Fierman married the former Edythe Beren. They had two children: Leslie Zinberg and Gordon Fierman. His brother, Morton Fierman was a rabbi in California. Floyd Fierman died on 14 February 1989.

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 The Floyd S. Fierman Papers describe the rabbinic activities and writings of Floyd S. Fierman, the rabbi in El Paso, Texas.  His research interests included Jews of the Southwest and the World War II activities of Nelson Glueck. The papers are divided into two (2) series:

SERIES A. RABBINIC ACTIVITIES consists of 12 Hollinger boxes of bound volumes  arranged in a chronological order (1940-1988). Some dates do overlap. A partial index to sermon titles can be found at the end of the finding aid.

SERIES B. RESEARCH FILES AND PUBLICATIONS consists of four Hollinger boxes arranged in a single alphabetical series (1937-1988). Writings vary from published articles (in italics) to manuscript copies and notes relating to research for publications.


Box  Folder    Contents

1       1       Sermons. 1942-1945.

        2       Funeral Services. 1945-1946.

        3       Sermons. 1945-1946.

        4       Rodef Shalom Religious School Curriculum.


2       1       High Holiday Sermons. 1949-1957

        2       Sermons. 1949-1958.


3       1       Sermons. 1949-1958.


4       1       Sermons. 1949-1958.

        2       Bar Mitzvah/Weddings/Funerals. 1952-1958.

5       1       Sabbath Sermons/ Confirmation and Holiday Sermons.


        2       Sermons/ Bar Mitzvahs/ Funerals/ Weddings. 1958-1959.

6       1       Sermons/ Bar Mitzvahs/ Funerals/ Weddings. 1959-1960.

        2       Sermons/ Bar Mitzvahs/ Funerals/ Weddings. 1960-1961.

7       1       Sermons/ Bar Mitzvahs/ Funerals/ Weddings. 1963-1964.

        2       Sermons/ Bar Mitzvahs/ Funerals/ Weddings. 1964-1965.

        3       Sermons/ Bar Mitzvahs/ Funerals/ Weddings. 1965-1966.

8       1       Sermons/ Bar Mitzvahs/ Funerals/ Weddings. 1966-1967.

        2       Sermons/ Bar Mitzvahs/ Funerals/ Weddings. 1967-1968.

9       1       Sermons/ Bar Mitzvahs/ Funerals/ Weddings. 1968-1969.

        2       Sermons/ Bar Mitzvahs/ Funerals/ Weddings. 1969-1970.

10      1       Sermons/ Bar Mitzvahs/ Funerals/ Weddings. 1970-1971.

        2       Sermons/ Bar Mitzvahs/ Funerals/ Weddings. 1971-1972.

11      1       Sermons/ Bar Mitzvahs/ Funerals/ Weddings. 1972-1973.

        2       Sermons/ Bar Mitzvahs/ Funerals/ Weddings. 1973-1974.

12      1       Sermons/ Bar Mitzvahs/ Funerals/ Weddings. 1974-1978.

        2       Prayers. 1951-1988.


13      1       Abraham N. Franzblau: Revolutionary Jewish Educator.


        2       Barth, Solomon.

        3       Berney, Leo S.

        4       Bibo family.

        5       Blumenthal family.

        6       Darnoff family. New Mexico.

        7       Drachmans of Arizona. 1964.

        8       Drachman family.

        9       Drachman, Samuel.

        10      B'nai B'rith. El Paso, Texas. 1951.

        11      Coloqhon, James. History of the Clifton-Morenci

                        Mining District. 1924.

        12      El Paso, Texas.

        13      Eternal Light and Cross: Spirit of the Southwest. 1968.

        14      Floersheim family.

14      1       From Guten Tag to Buenas Dias: The New Mexico Territory                         Through the Eyes and Life of Charles Clever.                    n.d.

        2       Freudenthal family.

        3       Gans, Emil.

        4       Given, Morris.

        5       Glueck, Helen. 1985.

        6       Glueck, Nelson. Published articles.

        7       Nelson Glueck and the OSS during WW2.  Manuscript.

        8       Glueck, Nelson. Secondary articles. 1972-1983.

        9       Glueck, Nelson. CIA correspondence. 1940-1942.

        10      Glueck, Nelson. CIA correspondence. 1943-1945.

        11      Glueck, Nelson. C.V. n.d.


15      1       Goldberg Brothers. Arizona Pioneers. 1966.

        2       Gusdorf, Alexander and Gerson.

        3       Impact of the Frontier on a Jewish family. 1961.

        4       Jaffa family.

        5       Krohn, A.L.

        6       Lasinsky, Henry.

        7       Lindauer family.

        8       Anon. Memoirs of a Mexican Veteran. n.d.

        9       Mexico.

        10      Middle Rio Grande Conservation District. 1937-1940.

        11      Miscellaneous.

        12      Nathan Bibo's Early Reminiscences of Early New Mexico.


        13      New Mexico Historical Quarterly.

        14      Osterman family.

        15      Peddlers and Merchants: Southwestern Frontier,

                        1850-1880. 1962.

        16      Pioneers. A-H.  

16      1       Pioneers. I-Z.

        2       Pueblo Indians. New Mexico.

        3       Ravel family.

        4       Rescuing Jewish Scholars and Redeeming Sacred Books.


        5       Romansky, Alvin.

        6       Rosenwald family.

        7       Sam Freudenthal: Merchant and Leader. 1965.

        8       Schwartz family of El Paso. 1980.

        9       Seligman, Arthur.

        10      Solomon family.

        11      Solomonville, Arizona.

        12      Some Early Jewish Settlers on the Southwestern

                        Frontier. 1960.

        13      Sources of Jewish Education in America prior to 1881.


        14      Spiegelbergs of New Mexico. 1964.

        15      Spiegelberg family.

        16      Staab family.

        17      Strauss, Levi.

17-21           University of Pittsburgh. Dissertation Notes; n.d.


[n.b. Volume locations are listed directly after the title. Many volumes have multiple parts.]

Sermons. 1942-1945. [1/1]

Retooling Religion; n.d.

Rainbow of the Future; n.d.

Junior Congregation Yearbook; n.d.

Yom Kippur. 1942.

Chapel Sermon. 1943.

Erev Rosh Hashonah. 1943.

Rosh Hashonah. 1943.

Kol Nidre. 1943.

Renew Our Days of Old- Rosh Hashonah. 1944.

Yom Kippur. 1944.

Rerolling the Scroll. Succos.

Saturday Sermon. 1944.

Saturday Sermon. 4 November 1944.

Saturday Sermon. 18 November 1944.

Saturday Children's Service. 9 November 1944.

Saturday 23 December 1944.

Jewish Temperament and American Destiny.

Saturday 27 January 1945.

Civilian Faith in Wartime.

Children's Saturday Service. 17 February 1945.

Saturday 10 March 1945.

Saturday 24 March 1945.

Funerals. 1944-1948. [1/2]

Myers, Marlyse. 25 March 1946.

Canter, Morris; n.d.

Reizenstein, Louis. 8 July 1947.

Spiegelman, Theodore. 19 December 1945.

Kalla, Adolf. 4 December 1945.

Rosenberg, Sidney. 16 July 1945.

Hirsch, Edwin. 8 February 1945.

Jacobson, Joseph. 20 December 1945.

Schoenman, Sigmund. 13 March 1946.

Phillips, Phillip. 21 February 1945.

Miller, Max. 8 October 1947.

Grossman, Max. 3 April 1946.

Levy, Bertha Green. 16 January 1946.

Siegler, Minnie. 25 June 1946.

Meltzer, Max. 5 November 1948.

Baruch, Jacob. 24 September 1945.

Hart, Jack. 1946.

Rosen, Pearl Winter. 19 March 1946.

Harrison, Samuel; n.d.

Aronchild, Minnie. 7 January 1948.

Zoffer, Meyer. 7 January 1948.

Hartz, Benjamen; nd.

Perrin, Goldie. 6 September 1945.

Klater, Nannie Feingold. 7 December 1944.

Levin, Ralph; n.d.

Friedman, Francis Kahn. 16 July 1947.

Katten, Dina Israel. 16 March 1949.

Blum, Jacques. 4 May 1947.

Gould, Minnie Stein. 20 November 1944.

Kurtz, Jerome Lawrence; n.d.

Weiner, Benjamen; n.d.

Wingard, Isaac. 31 July 1946.

Cohen, Irene; n.d.

Blum, Louis 9 January 1945.

Gundling, Berne. 2 May 1945.

Levy, Morris. 5 June 19465.

Bernstein, Human. 18 June 1945.

Arnold, Jennie Stern. 26 June 1945.

Gatz, Arthur D. 18 January 1949.

Jacobs, Siegfried. 11 May 1949.

French, Gershon; n.d.

Frankenstein, Joseph. 6 July 1947.

Bader, Jenny. 29 July 1947.

Frankel, Allen. 21 May 1945.

Levine, Iris. 12 November 1948.

Sermons. 1945-1946. [1/3]

Passover. 1945.

Last Day of Passover. 1945.

Saturday Sermon. April 1945.

Saturday Sermon. May 1945.

V-E Day Sermon. 13 May 1945.

The Wall and the Sword- Rosh Hashonah. 1945.

Yom Kippur. 1945.

Family Solidarity.

Unidentified sermon.

Last Day of Succos. 1945.

Paradox of Division.

Sermon. 13 October 1945.

Saturday Sermon. 1945.

The Nightmare of Life. December 1945.

Divide Your Camp.

Totality in Education.

Totality in our Group Life.

Portable Religion. Saturday Sermon. 1946.

Saturday Sermon. 9 February 1946.

Purifying Fire. 1946.

Saturday Sermon. 30 March 1946.

Unidentified Sermon. 

Consecration Service. 2 June 1946.

Family Unity.

Face Front- Rosh Hashonah. 1946.

Afflict Your Own Souls- Yom Kippur. 1946.

Parental Prejudice.

Chemistry of Life.

Pace of Life.

Family Unity.


What is Your Record?

Yom Kippur. 1946.

Yom Kippur. 1946.

Face Front- Rosh Hashonah. 1946.

Pursuit of Happiness.


Blessing of Eternal Life.

Healing the Hurt of the World.

The Tabernacle of the Heart.

High Holyday Sermons. 1949-1957. [2/1]

Yom Kippur.

Korea and War.

The Need for the Pioneer Spirit- Recapturing Religion.

Proper Directions. Yom Kippur. 1951.

New Sight. Erev Rosh Hashonah. 

Kol Nidre. 1951.

Yom Kippur night.

The State of Judaism. Rosh Hashonah. 1952.

Group Thought. Yom Kippur morning.

Climate of Religion. Sabbath of Return sermon.

Blending our Psychologies. Rosh Hashonah morning.

Quest for Piety.

Shabbos Shuvat. 1955-1956.

Kol Nidre. 1955-1956.

Rosh Hashonah Day. 1955-1956.

Erev Rosh Hashonah. 1955-1956.

Yom Kippur Day. 1955-1956.

Yom Kippur. 1955-1956.

Fears. Kol Nidre. 1956.

The Desert. Erev Rosh Hashonah. 1956-1957.

The Dam and the Bridge. 

Rosh Hashonah. 1956-1957.

Yom Kippur Day. 1956-1957.

The ABC's of Judaism. Sabbath of Repentance.

Kol Nidre.

Yom Kippur

Internal. Rosh Hashonah Day.

Hurts and Hearts. Yom Kippur Day.

O Lord, where can we find Thee? Kol Nidre.

Sabbath of Repentance.

Oh! Why should the Spirit of Mortal be proud?

Sermons. 1949-1958. [2/2]

Brotherhood- are we accomplishing it?

Jews Come to America- Beginnings to the War of Independence.

Jews Come to America- Jews during the Civil War.

Is Reform Going Orthodox; is Orthodoxy going Reform?

Should Conservative and Reform Judaism Unite?

Where Should My Money Go?

Psychological Element in Religion.

Classical Reform and Modern Reform.

Christian Missionaries and the Jews.

Dial 2-5244.

Christmas Observance.

The Jew and the Negro.

The Quest of a Philosophy of Life.

A Jewish View of Jews.

Life and Look.

How we worship and what we believe.

God and Your Child.

What needs to be added?

Napoleon and the Jews.

Jewish Music.

How can I find happiness?

New Bibles.

Rashi, the Great Interpreter.


Israel and the Arabs- Again.

What the Jews Believe.

The Hidden Thanksgiving.

Jews and Judaism in American Life.

Comic Books.

O Lord where can we find thee?

Our Religious Education- Philosophy.

Inside Israel.

The American Jew.

Jewish Music.

Most Wasted Hour in the Week.

Muddle in the Middle East.

Jew in the Arts.

Should the Eagle fly or flight?

America the Businessman.

Mr. Eisenhower.

Second Anniversary of the State of Israel.

Have you learned to live?

Well grounded and well rounded.

Mrs. FDR and the Cardinal.

Season of our Freedom. Passover. 1951.

Living Element in Passover. 1954.

Last Service. Passover. 1945.

Four Cups. Passover. 1957.

Challenging Years- Autobiography of Stephen S. Wise.

Free, but Chained..

Is This a Happy Anniversary?

Conversions to Judaism.

Is the power of positive thinking enough?

Torah and Torah Covers.

Chanuko- Turning Light to Darkness. 1956.

Transmitting the Torah. Succos Sermon.

Reform Jews in Assembly in Los Angeles.

The Role of Jewish Women. 1956.

That Word "Hate".


Sermons. 1949-1958. [3/1]

Should the State of Israel Seek Claims for Germany?

Mr. Dulles.

What is Reform Judaism?

I.M. Wise.

The Israeli Jew and the American Jew.

Time Magazine and the Rabbi.

America the Business Man.

Bibliography- Floyd S. Fierman.

Efforts Toward Reform in American Jewish Education prior to 1881.

Peace Without War.

Heart of Hadassah- Henrietta Szold

What should Reform Jews Believe? Birth, Marriage, Death.

A Merry Heart Maketh Good Medicine.

Reform Judaism and Prayer.

What is Right with America?

America Plans for Israel.

Israel and the U.S.

Changing the Attitude of the Christians towards the Jew.

Passage in the night- Sholem Asch.

Facing Life- Some Family Problems.

Fighters for Freedom.

The Jews and Communism.

Religious Lessons in Nature.


The Jewish Holidays.

Sources of our Heritage.

Tenth Anniversary of the State of Israel.

Life a Monarchy, Not a Democracy.

Program for Judaism.


Burning Issues on the American Jewish Community

America Looks at Itself.

Love your Neighbor As Yourself.

Bible Exegesis.

Jews and Judaism, Jews and Christianity.

The Talmud and the Gospels

Judaism- The Evergreen and the Chinese Elm.



Money is Not Enough.

Jesus of Nazareth.

The Saga of Reform Judaism.

What does a Rabbi hope to achieve?

Eternal Light.

American Businessman, does he have a soul?

Are all the Orthodox practices orthodox?

Not How, but what? (Religious Education)

In Quest of a Better Society.

Marjorie Morningstar.

How much should I tell my child about life?

Young People on the campus.

The American Professional Man- Has he commercialized?

Old but not weary.

Soviet Antisemitism.

Jewish Views on Marriage and Divorce.

Jewish Ethics.

Israel in 1952.

What Color is My Flag?

Have you learned to live with your Neighbor?

Young People (Diary of Anne Frank)

History in 1949.

The ABCs of Judaism.

Sermons. 1949-1958. [4/1]

Service Shofar.

Sisterhood- Roll or Role?



The Man who knew no Sorrow.

Ner Tamid Award.

What do we teach in our religious school?

The Temple Mt. Sinai Religious School.

Why should we fear death?

Tombstone Dedication- Maurice Schwartz.

Radio Address- Should we rearm Germany?

Bishop Kinsolving.

Benediction, Conference of Christians and Jews. 1955.

Mr. A.S. Jacob's 80th Birthday.

Kiwanis Club.

Life's Luggage.

Presentation of Bibles to Preconfirmation class.

Council of Jewish Women Sabbath. 1958.

Austin High School. Assembly.

Boy Scouts.

Temple Youth Group.

Junior Congregation.

Junior Congregation Yearbook Message.

Yesterday and Tomorrow.

Articles for Service Bulletin.

American Jewish Life.

Are we fighting antisemitism effectively?

B'nai B'rith- 106 Years "Young."

Jews in the News.


War in the Middle East.


The Prayer Book.

Choosing a Name.

What is it to be a Jew?

What price spiritual union in the family?

The Mongloid Child.

A Chance Acquaintance.

Inside Ben Gurion.

Jews in the Soviet Union.

50th Anniversary, American Jewish Committee.

What is Reform Judaism?

Bareheaded Worship.

What's going on in Israel?

Should we rearm Germany?

Sinai Congregation, Chicago, Illinois.

The Jews and the Problems of Church and State prior to 1881

American Jewish Life.

Mary- Sholom Asch.

Aza- Sabbath.

Being Friendly.

Hollywood and the Bible.

Why Jesus Died

An Undodgable Issue in American Education.

Inside America- Religion.

What has happened to American morality?

Threats to Liberalism.

Thanksgiving Sermon. 1952.

War Among our Jewish Defense Organizations.

Chaim Weizmann- In memoriam.

Now that the campaign is over.

Address before Kiwanis Club.

Facing Life. The Problem of Friendship.

Living with your Neighbors.

Some Notions about the Fine Arts.

The Jews in the Soviet Satellites.

New Members Sabbath.

Are our liberties slipping away?


Why I believe in capitalism.

American Education under Fire- the raised hand.

American Education under Fire- the textbook and the prayerbook.

American Education under Fire- schools and colleges.

3000 Reform Jews meet in New York City.

11h Anniversary of the Explosion of the atom bomb at Alamogordo.

Del Norte Club. 15 October 1957.

Sermons/ Bar Mitzvahs/ Funerals/ Weddings. 1952-1958. [4/2]

Part 1- Bar/Bas Mitzvah.

Kahn, Stuart.

Kratzer, Leonard.

Roth, Mickey.

Krupp, Paul.

Drotman, Robert.

Potash, Melvin Jr.

Saltzman, Stephen.

Rosenfeld, Steve.

Ratner, James.

Projector, Lee.

Newman, Gerald.

Kahn, Mickey.

Lipstet, Mark.

Potash, Stephen Jon.

Ulin, Michaell.

Schwartz, Skipper.

Borschow, Robert

Greenberg, Susie.

Springer, Bettye Anna.

Part 2- Weddings

Borenstein, Alan and Francis Sochat.

Leib, Luis and June Rosenberg.

Oppenheimer, Esward and Lory Talpis.

Good, Gilbert and Maxine Cohen.

Litt, Sol and Francis Zork.

Given, Robert and Miriam Zork.

Part 3- Funerals.

 Lefkovitz, Sadie.

Adler, Robert 

Miller, Jake.

Katz, Bertha.

Fatman, Clotty.

Berg, Bernie.

Wisbrun, Beata.

Harris, Bertha Simon.

Rosenstein, Rosa.

Oppenheim, Adela.

Weiler, Natalie Elion.

Krakauer, Julius.

Halpern, Annie.

Fishkin, Abraham.

Blumenthal, Ida Winterberger.

Merkin, Alfred.

Goldstein, Emma.

Rueff, Leona.

Klein, Edmund.

Curtis, Louis.

Roth, Rabbi Joseph.

Harris, Juliette Cohen.

Cohen, Dora Strauss

Schwartz, Samuel I.

Kaufman, Dietrich.

Weiller, Harold.

Cohen, David.

Lerner, Irene.

Lindenthal, Jeanette.

Korf, Earl Z.

Lapowski, Eva.

Mann, Jacob.

Lerner, Goldie.

Aronstein, Helen.

Goodman, Joe H.

Greenberg, Louis.

Oppenheimer, S.H.

Herskowitz, Mannie.

Kranzthor, Flossye

Berg, Hattie.

Sermons/ Confirmations/ Holyday Sermons. 1952-1958. [5/1]

Part 1- Sabbath Sermons.

Sabbath Sermon.

Garden of Eden.

Book of Deuternomy.

Abraham and Lot.

Sermon.  26 October 1957.

Sermon.  2 November 1957.



The Ark and the Tower.

Sermon.  27 October 1958.

Jacob and Esau.

Jacob and Esau. 3 November 1956.


The Ladders.



Sermon.  November 1956.

Why Joseph was not a Patriarch.

Sermon.  7 November 1956.

Sermon. 14 December 1956.

Sermon. December 1957.

Part 2- Holiday Sermons.

Confirmation Address. 1950.

Confirmation Address. 1956.

Confirmation Address. 1957.

Confirmation Address. 1958.

Chanukah. 1957.


Passover. 1958.

Sabbath of Repentance. 1951.

Yom Kippur Day. Childrens Service.

Succos. Last day. 1955-1956.

Succos. 1st day. 1956

Succos. 1956.

Lessons from Nature. Succos. 1955-1956.

Succos. 1956-1957.

Succos. 1st day. 1957.

Chanukah. 1957.

Passover. 1957.

Passover and Easter. 1957.

The Monster is Still Alive. Rosh Hashonah. 1949.

Sabbath of Repentance, "The Stumbling is Sin." 

Memorial Service

Two Days a Year


Lessons from Nature. Succos.

Rosh Hashonah Day.

Passover - Article.

Last Day of Passover.

Some Lessons from Jewish History.

Rosh Hashonah.

Sermons/ Bar Mitzvahs/ Funerals/ Weddings. 1958-1959. [5/2]

Part 1- Sermons.

Sermon. 13 September 1958.

A Philosophy of Ideas- Erev Rosh Hashonah.

Israel and the United States- Rosh Hashonah.

Children's Rosh Hashonah Service. September 1958.

Surpassing Yourself. Yom Kippur.

Going Beyond the Obvious Sin- Kol Nidre.

Shabbos Shuvah- Saturday morning.

Shabbos Shuvah. 19 September 1958.

First Night. September 1958.

Sermon. 29 August 1958.

Sermon. September 1958.

Sermon. 26 September 1958.

Sermon. 27 September 1958.

Succos. September 1958.

Sabbath service.

Succos Sabbath. October 1958.

Succos. Memorial service. 6 October 1958.

Sermon. 10 October 1958.

Moses Maimonides. October 1958.

Sermon. October 1958.

Desegregation and bombings of Jewish institution. 20 October 1958.

Facts of Life. 24 October 1959.

Who is a Jew? 31 October 1958.

Sermon. 1 November 1958.

Children and Parents. 8 November 1958.

Religion and the free society. 7 November 1958.

Religion in the public schools.

Jacob and Esau. 13 November 1958.

An honest transaction. 22 November 1958.

Sermon. 13 December 1958.

Sermon. December 1958.

Combined services.

Clash of Greek thought and Jewish thought. Chanukah. December 1958.

Genesis 44:18. 20 December 1958.

Reform Jewish institutions. 9 January 1959.

Sermon. 9 January 1959.

Reform and Reformism- Orthodox and Orthodoxism. 15 January 1959.

Does it take to "take it?" 17 January 1959.

Conservative Judaism and the Reconstructionist Movement. 

Let my people go. 31 January 1959.

Sermon. 6 February 1959.

Jewish Press.  February 1959.

Sermon. 14 February 1959.

Sermon. 20 February 1959.

Sermon. 26 February 1959.

Sermon. 6 March 1959.

Some challenging developments in Judaism. 13 March 1959.

He shall offer a male without blemish. 21 March 1959.

Sermon. 28 March 1959.

Sermon. 11 April 1959.

Sermon. 18 April 1959.

Passover. 23 April 1959.

Non-philosophical Judaism.

Sermon. 23 May 1959.

Consecration service.


Part 2- Bar Mitzvahs

Simon, Sam.

Rubenstein, Howard.

Feinberg, Albert.

Collier, Michael.

Sherwin, Joseph.

Simon, Steve.

Manheim, Jerry.

Freeman twins.

Part 3-Funerals, Weddings

Weiller, Marcel

Rosen, Marcus.

Brettler, Harry.

Cohen, Manley.

Schwartz, Manuel.

Horowitz, Phil.

Feinberg, Susan and Bendalin, Robert.

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