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Alan S. Green Papers 

Manuscript Collection No. 724

1928-1989. 21.27 Linear ft.


 The Rabbi Alan. S. Green Papers were donated in 2005 by his sons, Jonathan W. Green and David B. Green, Ohio. Jonathan W. Green and David B. Green, by the act of donating the Rabbi Alan S. Green Papers to the American Jewish Archives, assigned the property rights to the American Jewish Archives. All literary rights to material in the collection are retained by the individual authors or their heirs. Questions concerning rights should be addressed to the Executive Director of the American Jewish Archives. The papers are available to researchers in the reading room of the Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives.


Rabbi Alan S. Green (1907-1989) was born in Chicago on the 6 of December 1907. He received his B.A. from Western Reserve University in 1929 and M.A. in sociology in 1935. Rabbi Green was ordained from Hebrew Union College (HUC), Cincinnati, Ohio in 1934. He was awarded the Sermon Prize and Leo W. Simon Fellowship in HUC and earned his Doctor of Divinity in Jewish Philosophy in 1938 after his studies in HUC and at Hebrew University, Jerusalem. He also earned his honorary doctorate of Hebrew laws from Hebrew Union College.

While a student at the HUC, Rabbi Green met his first wife, Frances Katz Green, who was an outstanding student and then a teacher for A.H. Friedland, founder of the Cleveland Hebrew Schools. Rabbi Green and Frances were married four days before he was ordained in 1934. During their second year of marriage, Rabbi Green pursued his doctorate in Jewish philosophy at the Hebrew University and Frances did social work under Henrietta Szold in Youth Aliya and in the creation of community agencies. The thrill of this year in the burgeoning homeland became a permanent excitement in their lives and it welded their goals even more closely together. After they returned to serve in various communities, Rabbi Green and his rebbitzen Frances were complete partners sharing thoughts and writings, Hebrew knowledge, educational and organizational skills. They led Temple Berith Sholom in Troy, New York (1937-1944) and built up a new Congregation Emanu El in Houston, Texas and founded Temple Emanu El of Cleveland in 1947. From 1947 to 1977 he remained the principal rabbi of the temple and was honored as the founding rabbi in 1977 at the thirtieth anniversary of the temple’s foundation. After Frances’ death and his own partial retirement, Rabbi Green was remarried in 1979 to Sylvia Bogar Redlick.

Apart from counseling hundreds of people, Rabbi Green also wrote four books and had published numerous articles. Books written by him include: Teaching Modern Jewish History Through Fiction, Union of American Hebrew Congregation, 1939, A Short History of the Jews (with Jacob S. Golub) Union of American Hebrew Congress, 1942, Return to Prayer, Union of American Hebrew Congress, 1971, Sex, God and the Sabbath, The Mystery of Jewish Marriage, Temple Emanu El 1979. His articles were published in Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Liberal Judaism, and Central Conference of American Rabbi Year Book.

Rabbi Green died at his home in Cleveland in 1989.


The Rabbi Alan S. Green Papers consist of materials relating to the professional career of Alan S. Green, who was both a rabbi and community leader in the Cleveland Jewish community for several decades. Rabbi Green served at Cleveland’s Temple Emanu El for thirty years. The biographic files cover Rabbi Green’s student life and include memorabilia relating to his graduation and related class programs and notes.
Rabbi Green served in three different temples, namely in Berith Sholom in Troy, New York, Emanu El in Houston and at Temple Emanu El in Cleveland. Sermons given by Rabbi Green can be found in the audio recording series. The notes and transcripts that match these sermons are located in the sermons and writing files. Writings, including poetry and sermons, are found in the undated writings/ sermon notes. Additionally, there is extensive material on the temple that can be found in the personal series. This includes material relating to the building campaign, different activities of the temple. Photographs cover temple events. There is an also extensive collection of near prints scattered through out the collection. These are arranged chronologically whenever possible and include news clippings, photographs, programs and other miscellaneous materials.
The collection is divided into six series:

Series A. Correspondence, consists of material detailing Rabbi Green’s activities as a rabbi of Temple Emanu El and as a leader of the Cleveland Jewish community. The other correspondence contains letters written to publishers, cruise companies and various anti-war organizations. Span dates are 1930-1989. The series is arranged chronologically.

Series B. Sermons and Writings, consists of Rabbi Green’s writings, especially sermons and notes. The series is arranged chronologically and is also divided into separate themes. Within each folder, Rabbi Green’s handwritten notes follow the sermons. Span dates are 1938-1988.

Series C. Personal and Miscellaneous, consists of notes, committee reports, project reports, publication, news clippings, bio-files, articles as well as photocopies of important documents. The series is arranged by subject title.

Series D. Published Works, consists of Rabbi Green’s published articles and his thesis. The series is arranged by subject title.

Series E. Frances Katz Green Materials, consists of Mrs. Green’s correspondence, thesis, notes, committee reports, project reports, publication, articles as well as Xerox copies of important documents. The series is arranged by subject title

Series F. Audio Materials, consists of two Hollinger boxes of taped sermons and services held in Temple Emanu El. The series is arranged chronologically and by subject title.


Box Folder	Contents
Series A.  Correspondence. 1930-1989.

1	1	Early Personal.  1930-1931.
	2	Robert I. Khan, Texas.  1943.
	3	Chautauqua Society.  1940s.
	4	Miscellaneous.  1975-1976.
	5	Publishers.  1978.

2	1	Cruise Operators.  1981-1984.
	2	50th Anniversary ordination celebration.  1984.
	3	Cruise Operators.  1986.
	4	Publishers.  1986.
	5	Miscellaneous.  1988.

3	1	Miscellaneous.  1989.
	2	Miscellaneous.  n.d.
	3	Anti-nuclear Organizations.  n.d.
	4	Appreciation Letter. n.d.
	5	MacMillan.  n.d.
	6	Old Correspondence. n.d.

Series B: Sermons and Writings.  1930-1989, undated.

4	1-2	Sermons. 1930-1939.
5	1-2	Sermons. 1930-1939.
6	1-2	Sermons. 1940-1949. 
7	1-2	Sermons. 1950-1959.
8	1	Sermons. 1950-1959.
	2	Sermons. 1960-1969.
9	1-2	Sermons. 1960-1969. 
10	1-2	Sermons. 1960-1969.
11	1-2	Sermons. 1970-1979.
12	1-2	Sermons. 1970-1979. 
13	1-2	Sermons. 1970-1979.
14	1-2	Sermons. 1970-1979. 
15	1-3	Sermons. 1980-1989. 
16	1-4	Sermons. 1980-1989.
17	1	Sermons. n.d 
	2	Signs of service. n.d.
	3	History of the Jews.  1946-1947.
	4	Bar Mitzvah Address. n.d.
	5	If Gods Were King.  n.d.

18	1-2	Sermons.  n.d.
	3	Wonders of the Bible.  n.d.
	4	Eulogies.  n.d.

19	1	Sermons.  n.d.
	2	Miscellaneous.  n.d.
	3	Jeremiah.  n.d.
	4	Judaism is a Song.  n.d.

20	1	Song of the Israel.  n.d.
	2	Children sermons.  n.d.
	3	Services at Cemetery.  n.d.
	4	Sermons on Vision.  n.d.
	5	Bible Isaiah.  n.d.
	6	Bible reading.  n.d.
	7	60th year of achievement of HUC.  1936.
	8	Sermons about participation.  n.d.
	9	Sermons and articles by others.  n.d.
	10	Sermon ideas.  1970-1980.
	11	Plays and sermons.  1970-1980.

Series C.  Personal and Miscellaneous.  1928-1987, undated.

21	1	Stone setting.  n.d.
	2	Songs.  n.d.
	3	Quest for God.  n.d.
	4	Education for family life.  n.d.
	5	Probate.  n.d.
	6	Frances Katz Green.  n.d.
	7	Jacob B. Werlin.  n.d.
	8	Family and marriage. n.d.
	9	Coursework.  n.d.
	10	Reviews of books.  n.d.
	11	Reviews of books.  n.d.

22	1	If God were king.  n.d.
	2	Wisdom literature.  n.d.
	3	Entdeeken ceremony.  n.d.
	4	Covenant for the daughters of Israel.  n.d.
	5	Wedding blessings.  n.d.
	6	Family and marriage.  n.d.

23	1	Nuclear weapons.  1980
	2	UN reforms.  1980
	3	Notes on marriage.  n.d.

24	1	Newspaper clippings.  1970-1980.
	2	Course syllabus.  n.d.
	3	Notes on sermons.  n.d.
	4	Ecclesiastes and proverbs.  n.d.
	5	Publications.  n.d.
	6	Social Security.  n.d.
	7	Cuyahoga county relief administration.  1934.

25	1	Committee on recording.  n.d.
	2	Family association of America.  n.d.
	3	Social studies.  n.d.
	4	Hamilton case studies.  n.d.
	5	College notes.  1929-1934.

26	1	Class notes.  1928-1933.
	2	Publications.  1944-1945.

27	1	Frances Allen.  n.d.
	2	American history.  n.d.
	3	Publications.  n.d.
	4	Newspaper clippings.  1986.
	5	Mastery material.  n.d.
	6	Nuclear war.  1986.
	7	Syllabus.  n.d.
	8	Houston, Texas.  n.d.
	9	Bulletins of Emanuel.  1960-1970.

28	1	Worship.  n.d.
	2	Palestine trip.  1935-1936.
	3	Course on Palestine.  n.d.
	4	Class notes.  1940

29	1	Jewish magazines/publications.  1960.
	2	Bulletins.  1970.
	4	Religious school plays.  n.d.
	5	For youth and camp.  n.d.

30	1	Shalon center.  n.d.
	2	Israel.  1981-1982.
	3	Income calculation.  1980.
	4	Notes.  n.d.
	5	Mini Biography.  n.d.
	6	Medical report.  1980.

31	1	Hebrew Union College Notes.  1932-1936.
	2	Hebrew Union College notes.  1932-1938.
	3	80th birthday celebration.  1987.

32	1	Student Writings.  1928-1935.
	2	Confirmation manual.  n.d.

33	1	Funeral poems.  n.d.
	2	Israel answering falsehood.  n.d.
	3	Arabs and Jews as victims.  n.d.
	4	Conversion.  n.d.
	5	Newspaper clippings.  1988.
	6	World religious and human rights.  n.d.
	7	Newspaper articles.  1984.

34	1	Newspaper clippings.  1950-1970.
	2	30th anniversary of Temple Emanu El. n.d.
	3	65th birthday celebration.  1972.
	4	Miscellaneous notes.  n.d.
	5	Newspaper clippings through 1981.
	6	Bio-file.  n.d.

35	1	Magazines.  n.d.
	2	Nuclear war.  1985.
	3	Code of ethics for Rabbis.  n.d.

36	1	Temple Emanu El.  n.d.
	2	Articles.  n.d.
	3	Photographs.  n.d.

37	1	The antiwar.  1940-1979. 
	2	Marriage and reconsecration service.  n.d.
	3	Rabbi Isaac B. Singer.  n.d.
	4	Magazines.  1960.
	5	Newspaper clippings.  1970.
	6	Newspaper clippings, Israel.  1982-1983.
	7	Marriage and wedding.  n.d.
	8	Intermarriage.  n.d.

38	1	Newspaper clippings.  1986-1987.
	2	Services. n .d.
	3	Newspaper clippings.  1985-1986.
	4	Antiwar.  n.d.

39	1	Central Conference.  1986.
	2	Newspaper clippings.  1982-1983.
	3	Newspaper clippings.  1978-1980.
	4	Henrietta Szold.  n.d.
	5	Jews and Arabs.  n.d. 
	6	Newspaper clippings.  1976-1977.

40	1	Newspaper clippings.  1984-1985.
	2	Newspaper clippings.  1983-1985.
	3	Antiwar articles.  1950-1970. 
	4	National congress.  n.d.

41	1	Central Conference of Rabbis.  1979.
	2	Temple Bulletin.  n.d.
	3	Photographs.  n.d.
	4	Temple Emanuel.  n.d.

42	1-2	Publications. n.d.

43	1	Temple Bulletins.  1987-1988.
	2	Music Notes.  n.d.
	3	Reform Judaism.  n.d.

44	1	Emanuel Bulletins.  1970-1973. 
	2	Central Conference of American Rabbis.  1984-1986.
	3	Membership manual.  n.d. 
	4	Central Conference of American Rabbis newsletter.  1970.

45	1	Photographs.  n.d.
	2	Ritual book.  n.d.
	3	Minutes.  n.d.
	4	Wedding blessings.  n.d.
	5	50th anniversary celebration.  n.d.
	6	Oscar Steiner.  n.d.
	7	Photographs, Houston.  n.d.
	8	Houston papers.  n.d.

Series D. Published Works.  1935-1944, undated.
46	1	Project in adult participation. Cincinnati.  1935.
	2	A short history of the Jews. Cincinnati.  1944.
	3	Facing the issues of contemporaneous Jewish life.  1935. 
	4	The eternal riddle.  n.d.

47	1	How can Jesus survive the present crisis?    1943.
	2	PhD Thesis. Twentieth century speculations as to the nature and scope of Judaism.  May 1937.
	3	Thesis.  n.d.

Series E. Frances Katz Green Materials.  1930-1982, undated.

48	1	Social welfare projects.  1930-1970.
	2	Frances Green’s supervisory work.  1934-1936.

49	1	Frances K. Green’s correspondence. n.d.
	2	Correspondence.  n.d.
	3	Correspondence.  1982.
	4	Thesis. The attitude of the Jews towards the Jewish education of the girl.  1932.
	5	Letters written by Rabbi Green.  n.d.
	6	Manuscript.  n.d.
	7	Sabbath honoring Frances Greene.  1977.

Series F. Audio Materials.  1954-1988, undated.

50	TR-3730	Address on Middle East, Nov 4, 1956.
	TR-3731	Testimonial Dinner, Dec 12, 1954.
	TR-3732	Yom Kippur, October 12, 1959.
	TR-3733	Bushman Service, 1959.
	TR-3734	Service of songs, February 26, 1960.
	TR-3735	The Destiny of Israel, March 10, 1961.
		Have we reformed? March 17, 1961.
		Youth group Services, March 24, 1961.
	TR-3736	Bar Mitzvah, August 31, 1963.
		Ross Wedding, September 1, 1963.
	TR-3737	Bar Mitzvah, September 7, 1963.
		Special Bar Mitzvah Program, Nov16, 1963.	
	TR-3738	Bar Mitzvah, May 16, 1964.
		Sabbath Service, October 9, 1964.
		Re Visit Israel, October 23, 1964.
	TR-3739	Jewish control of Jerusalem, July 29, 1967.
		How Judaism can educate your mood, Aug 4, 1967.
		Jewish attitude to life, August 11, 1967.
		Service, August 25, 1967.
		Jerusalem of gold, 1988.
	TR-3740	The sin of joylessness, n.d.
	TR-3741	The vocabulary of faith, n.d.

51	TR-3742-TR-3758	Magnetic tapes, n.d.
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