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W. Gunther Plaut Papers

Manuscript Collection No. 743

1934-1994. 4.8 Linear ft.


The W. Gunther Plaut Papers were donated to the American Jewish Archives by Rabbi Plaut in three installments: 1985, 1990 and 1995. Property rights to the materials are held by the American Jewish Archives. Literary rights to materials authored by Plaut are held by him, others are held by the individual author or his/her heirs. Questions concerning rights should be addressed to the Director of the American Jewish Archives.

The W. Gunther Plaut Papers are open to all users. The original manuscript collection is available in the reading room of the American Jewish Archives.


Wolf Gunther Plaut was born in 1912 to Jonas and Selma Plaut, in Munster, Germany. He earned his law degree in 1934 from the University of Berlin, but was unable to practice law because of Nazi racial laws. In 1935 he was the recipient of a scholarship from Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, where he and numerous other refugee scholars of the time studied. Astonishingly, he also participated in the Jewish Olympic Games in that same year (tennis). Plaut married Elizabeth Strauss in 1938, was ordained in 1939, and began his first pulpit in Chicago, at the Washington Boulevard Temple, where he served until 1948.

Of equal importance was Plaut’s attainment of American citizenship, granted in 1943. The day after this milestone, Plaut enlisted in the Army as a Chaplain. On leave with his congregation’s permission for three years, Rabbi Plaut was one of the first Allied soldiers to enter a liberated concentration camp, conducted the first post-war Jewish religious service in Germany, in the gutted Cologne Synagogue, and brought the first Sefer Torah back to Germany. He was decorated with the Bronze Star for his service.

Upon his return to civilian life, Plaut resumed his rabbinical duties, first at Washington Boulevard Temple, and then, beginning in 1948, at Mt. Zion Hebrew Temple, in St. Paul, Minnesota. Never one to rest on his laurels, Rabbi Plaut became President of the St. Paul Gallery and School of Art, and Chairman of the Governor’s Commission on Ethics in Government. In 1961, Plaut again decided it was time for a change and accepted the pulpit at Holy Blossom Temple in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Plaut not only discharged his rabbinical duties, but also wrote five books in five years, beginning in 1961. The Book of Proverbs - A Commentary, Judaism and the Scientific Spirit, The Rise of Reform Judaism, The Growth of Reform Judaism, and The Case for the Chosen People all appeared in quick succession, one per year. An additional book, Your Neighbour is a Jew, rounded out the 60's, accompanied by articles in various periodicals. His contributions to the Toronto newspaper, the Globe and Mail, became a constant feature during the 70's and ‘80's. His book writing continued, albeit at a slower pace, on into the 1980's. His autobiography, Unfinished Business, along with his Herculean undertaking in authoring and editing The Torah: A Modern Commentary, were both completed in 1981.

Gunther Plaut retired from his rabbinic appointment at Holy Blossom in 1977, but has continued his very productive affiliation with HBT as their first Senior Scholar. Subsequent to his retirement, he served on the Ontario Human Rights Commission as vice-chairman, and then as a member of a board of inquiry. He was President of the Central Conference of American Rabbis from 1983 to 1985, and has served as vice president of the Governing Board of the World Union for Progressive Judaism.

W. Gunther Plaut passed away on February 9, 2012, in Toronto.


The W. GUNTHER PLAUT PAPERS consist largely, though not entirely, of articles written for the Toronto Globe and Mail, the Canadian Jewish News, and the CCAR Journal, and book reviews for a number of different publications. Assorted articles, off-prints, eulogies, sermons, and newsletters edited by Rabbi Plaut comprise the majority of the balance of the collection. Rabbi Plaut personally selected the items which constitute the papers donated to the American Jewish Archives, and certainly they give the researcher a thorough overview of Plaut’s writings. The materials, listed by series below, are almost always arranged alphabetically.

SERIES A. Articles
SERIES B. Eulogies
SERIES C. Personal
SERIES D. Book Reviews
SERIES E. World Federalists of Canada
SERIES F. Sermons
SERIES G. Miscellaneous

SERIES A. Articles make up the bulk of the Plaut Papers. They range from regular columns written for the Toronto Globe and Mail and the Canadian Jewish News, to an article about Jewish pioneers, written for the periodical North Dakota History.

SERIES B. There are five eulogies in this very brief series, one of them for Plaut’s mother-in-law, Therese Abraham Strauss.

SERIES C. This series can by no means be considered comprehensive. Plaut’s law school dissertation (in German) and army papers are among the documents in this small series. His citation for the Bronze Star can be found here.

SERIES D. Plaut’s love of the written word, while amply demonstrated by the sheer volume of his writings, is given further expression in his critiques of the writings of others. He was frequently invited to review books about Judaism or Germany.

SERIES E. The World Federalists believed world peace could be achieved through one-world government. Dr. Plaut served as president of the World Federalists of Canada from 1966 to 1968. The series consists largely of World
Federalist publications.

SERIES F. Sermons make up a surprisingly small part of Gunther Plaut’s Papers, though not surprisingly, many of those we do have are High Holiday sermons.

SERIES G. The materials in this series did not fit neatly elsewhere. They consist of temple newsletters, convention proceedings, invocations, dedications, meeting reports, radio broadcast scripts, adult education materials, speeches, and more.


Box	Folder	Contents

SERIES A.  Articles.  1937 - 1994.

1	1	Published articles.  1930s and early 1940s.
	2	Published articles.  1930s and early 1940s.  German.
	3	Page Two: Ten Years of News and Views.  1971.
		Religious Education.  The Open Society: Shaping Religion and Values.  March-April, 1974.
	4	Time to Think: Articles from the Globe and Mail.  1971-1977. 
	5	What Peace Means to Me.  1986.
	6	Affirmation.  Ontario Human Rights Commission.  Edited by WGP.
	7	Affirmation.  Ontario Human Rights Commission. Edited by WGP.

2	1	CCAR Commission of Justice and Peace.  The Demands of Conscience. 1956.
	2	CCAR Convention Off-print.  Can We Speak of Reform Halacha?  N.d.
	3	CCAR.  Introduction to The Growth of Reform Judaism: The Four Phases of Reform.  1993.
	4	CCAR Journal.  "Israel - Notes from a Diary."  June 1968.
	5	CCAR Journal.  "The Man Who Saved My Life."  Summer 1994.
	6	CCAR Journal.  "Notes from a New Commentary on the Torah."  1967.
	7	CCAR Journal.  "Reform Judaism: Past, Present and Future."  Summer 1980.
	8	CCAR Journal.  "Religious Discipline and Liberal Judaism.  The Need for Religious Discipline."  N.d.
	9	CCAR Journal.  "The Strange Blessing: A Modern Midrash on Genesis 27."  June 1960.
	10	CCAR Journal.  "The Three Signs."  October 1960.
	11	CCAR Journal.  "Voluntary or Forced Giving?"  June 1965.
	12	CCAR Journal.  "The Wandering Aramean: A Commentary on Deuteronomy 26:5."  January 1962.
	13	CCAR Journal.  "Why Love a Stranger?"  January 1966.
	14	CCAR Journal Off-print.  "Commentary on passages from Genesis 8 and 9."  January 1968.
	15	CCAR Journal Off-print.  "Contrasts and Comparisons - Ruminations." January 1964.
	16	CCAR Journal Off-print.  "Daily Services in the Reform Synagogue."  April 1959.
	17	CCAR Journal Off-print.  "A Eulogy for the Israeli Martyrs of 1972 at Munich."  Autumn 1976.
	18	CCAR Journal Off-print.  "The How and Why of the Tadrich l'Shabbat."  1973.
	19	CCAR Journal Off-print.  "In Defense of the Mixed Multitude."  June 1964.
	20	CCAR Journal Off-print.  "The Man from Pethor."  Autumn 1972.
	21	CCAR Journal Off-print.  "New Directions for Reform Rabbis."  October 1971.
	22	CCAR Journal Off-print.  "Notes on the Akedah."  January 1969.
	23	CCAR Journal Off-print.  "The People and the Tent."  1962.
	24	CCAR Journal Off-print.  "Pharaoh's Hardened Heart."  October 1962.
	25	CCAR Journal Off-print.  "The Pillar of Salt."  June 1961.
	26	CCAR Journal Off-print.  "The Punishment of Aaron."  June 1963.
	27	CCAR Off-print.  Rabbinic Authority.  Can We Speak of Reform Halacha?  N.d.
	28	CCAR Journal Off-print.  "The Sin of the Brothers."  April 1961.
	29	CCAR Journal Off-print.  "Socio-Psychological Aspects of Reform Judaism."  January 1958.
	30	CCAR Journal Off-print.  "Some Unanswered Questions About Korah."  October 1969.
	31	CCAR Journal Off-print.  "Thou Art My Sister."  April 1962.
	32	CCAR Journal Off-print.  "The Trace of Joseph."  October 1961.
	33	CCAR Journal Off-print.  "Understanding Joseph."  April 1969.
	34	CCAR Journal Off-print.  "When Does God Help the Oppressed?"  April 1966.
	35	CCAR Lecture.  The Sabbath in the Reform Movement: Fact, Fiction, Future.  June 17,1965.
	36	CCAR 95th Annual Convention.  President's Message: The Worlds of the Rabbi.  June 1984.
	37	CCAR President Addresses the Rabbinical Assembly.  March 12, 1985.
	38	CCAR President's Message.  Looking Back, Looking Forward.  
		June 24, 1985.
	39	CCAR Yearbook Off-print.  "Retreats for Laymen."  1953.

3	1	Canadian Jewish News.  Columns.  1981.
	2	Canadian Jewish News.  Columns.  1981-1983.
	3	Canadian Jewish News.  Columns.  1982, 1983.
	4	Canadian Jewish News.  Columns.  1987, 1988, 1989.
	5	Canadian Jewish News.  1988, 1989, 1990.
4	1	The Globe and Mail.  "I am a Jew!"  December 21,1963. 
	2    	The Globe and Mail.  Articles and Columns.  1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1980.
	3	The Globe and Mail.  Articles.  1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980.
	4	The Globe and Mail.  Articles.  1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981.
	5	The Globe and Mail.  Articles.  1975, 1977. 
	6	The Globe and Mail.  Articles and Columns.  1976.
	7	The Globe and Mail.  Columns, book review.  1981, 1982.
	8	The Globe and Mail.  Articles.  1983.
	9	The Globe and Mail.  Articles.  1986, 1987, 1988, 1989.
	10	The Globe and Mail.  "Taking a Driver's Test at 80." 1992.
	11	The Globe and Mail.  "Origin of term 'Dopp kit'." April 8, 1993.
	12	Globe and Mail reprint.  "A Rabbi Re-visits the Land of his Birth."
	13	Globe Magazine.  "The Morality of the Calley Trial." May 1971.

5	1	American Annual Manual.  "Aspects of Progressive Jewish Thought." May 1955
	2	American Jewish Historical Society.  "A Hebrew-Dakota Dictionary."  June, 1953.
	3	American Jewish World.  "Minnesota Jewry's First 100 Years."  September 24, 1954.
	4	American Judaism.  "The Ghost at our Seder."  Spring 1962.
	5	American Judaism: Present and Future.  Proceedings and Papers.  Fall 1961
	6	American Judaism.  "Second Thoughts About Mordecai." Purim 1961.
	7	American Judaism. "The Shofar's Uncertain Call."  Fall, 1963.
	8	Atlantic Monthly.  Letter to the Editor.  1938.
	9	Canadian Experience: The Dynamics of Jewish Life Since 1945.
	10	Canadian Jewish News.  "The Deputy Reflections on the Christian-Jewish Dialogue."
	11	Canadian Jewish Review.   "Isolation, Integration, and Reform."  December 21, 1962.
	12	Canadian Jewish Review.  "A Voice from the Grave." December 1, 1961.
	13	Canadian Zionist Federation: Annual Review.  "New Year's Greetings."  September 1983.
	14	Canadian Zionist.  "A Dream that took 50 Years to Die." 1967
	15	Canadian Zionist.  "Justice to Arabs and Israel."  November 1967.
	16	The Church and World System.  "Problems of Migrations and Minorities."  1979.  English, French.
	17	Commentary.  "The State of Jewish Belief: A Symposium." August 1966.
	18	Commentary to Union Prayer Book.  Vol. 1, Newly revised.  Authored by Gunther Plaut, David Polish, and Dudley Weinberg.  1962.
	19	Compass.  "The Force of the Biblical Word."  May/June 1993.
	20	Congress Bulletin.  "Neo-Nazis How Neo? How Nazi?" March-April 
	21	Congress Bulletin.  "We are Jews."  Speech made at demonstration after outbreak of Yom Kippur War. November 1973.
	22	Congressional Record.  Opening Prayer, House of Representatives.  December 6, 1950.
	23	Currents: Readings in Race Relations.  "Minorities Have Power."  Summer 1984.
	24	Currents: Readings in Race Relations.  "Xenophobia and Racism."  April 1991.
	25	Dimensions in American Judaism.  Kyoto Venture.  Spring 1971.
	26	The Doctors Diary.  Letter from Rabbi W. Gunther Plaut. January 1964.
	27	Emuna_Horizone_.  "Ruckblick auf mein Leben."  October 1971.
	28	Ferment '67.  "Who Should Control Jerusalem?"  November 1967
	29	Ferment '69.  "On Authority."  January, 1969.
	30	Focus.  "The Russian Aliyah."  Summer 1991.

6	1	Gazette of the Law Society of Upper Canada.  "Four points of Law: Notes on the Relationship of Law and Religion."  1976.
	2	German-Jewish Bible Translations Linguistic Theory as a Political Phenomenon.  Leo Baeck Memorial Lecture.  1992.
	3	Hebrew Union College Annual, Vol. XIV.  "Two Notes on the History of the Jews in America."  1939.
	4	Hebrew Union College Monthly.  "Vision."  March 1, 1937.
	5	Hebrew Union College Monthly.  "From Lehranstalt to HUC."  
		November 1, 1935.
	6	Hebrew Union College Monthly.  "Salmann Schocken: An Appreciation."  March, 1938.
	7	Humboldt.  "Interview Schon Alte Geschichte?"  November 10, 1994.
	8	Hymnal.  "When the Tree Tops Whisper."  1982.
	9	Ideas of the University.  "University and Society."
		January 24, 1979.
	10	In Sorrow's Hour: A Guide for Mourners.  1962.
	11	International Education Magazine.  Our Collective Experience in Human Rights … 1991. 
	12	Israel Among the Nations.  1975.
	13	Israel Diary.  February 26, 1972.
	14	Israel, Jews and Canadian Churches.  1974.
	15	Israel Since the Six Day War.  Published by Holy Blossom Temple.  
	16	Jerusalem Report.  "Calculated, not Accidental."  1992.
	17	Jerusalem Report.  "The Undeceived."  November 17, 1994.
	18	Jerusalem Report.  "Steak and Sacrifices."  April 7, 1994.
	19	Jerusalem Report.  Response to Letter to Editor.  1994.
	20	Jewish Digest.  "A New Look at Mordecai."  February 1962.
	21	Jewish Digest.  "Tracking Down the Yarmulke."  April 1957.
	22	Jewish Digest.  "The Yom Kippur that Never Was."  September 1967.
	23	Jewish Post.   Special Hebrew Union College 70th Anniversary Edition.  1945.
	24	Journal of Aging and Judaism.  "My Third Age."  Spring 1990.
	25	Journal of Reform Judaism.  Response to Non-Jews and Jewish Life-Cycle Liturgy.  Summer 1990.
	26	Journal of Reform Zionism.  "Some Further Thoughts as a Supplement to Michael Meyer's Presentation."  1994.
	27	Judaism.  "Germans and Jews The Symbiosis that Failed."  Fall 1991.
	28	Judaism.  "The Israelites in Egypt A Historical Reconstruction."  Winter 1978.
	29	Judaism: A Quarterly Journal of Jewish Life and Thought.  "Long-hand with Buber."  Winter, 1974.
	30	Lecture.  The Conversion Controversy.  February 15, 1974.
	31	L'Eglise de Montreal.  Une rencontre Judeo-Chretienne.  May 27, 1971.  French.
	32	Maclean's.  "For pressure to be exerted effectively. July 10, 1978.
	33	Maclean's.  "Israel to Me."  April 7, 1983.
	34	Malino Festschrift.  A Radical View of the Book of Esther.  1993.
	35	Max Planck Institut.  Refugees and the Right of Asylum.  1991.
	36	Max Planck Institut.  Essays in memory of Atle Grahl-Madsen.
	37	Menorah: Magazine for Irish Jewry.  "The Impossibility of Jewish History."  September 1960.
	38	Midstream.  "How the Zionist Flag was Adopted."  May 1987.
	39	Minnesota Journal of Education.  "The Guiding Spirit of our Future."  February 1958.	
	40	Moment.  "From Monkton to Squamish."  December 1980.

7	1	North Dakota History.  "Jewish Colonies at Painted Woods and Devils Lake."
	2	National Association of Retired Reform Rabbis.  Handling our Retirement, by Elizabeth Plaut.
	3	National Association of Temple Educators.  "Greetings."  1984.
	4	National Jewish Monthly.  "Portrait of a Jewish Pioneer."  March 1955
	5	The Observer.  "Israel Wants Justice, Too."  1967.
	6	Ontario Medical Review.  "Must Doctors Be Perfect?"  June 1994.
	7	Parchment.  Restitution.
	8	Rabbinics Today.   "Diaspora Jews as an Endangered Species."  May/June 1993.
	9	The Reconstructionist.  "The Austin Experiment."  February 19, 1943.
	10	The Reconstructionist.  "Return A Religious Experiment."  
		October 17, 1952.
	11	The Reconstructionist.  "Toward a Higher Morality."  March 1963.
	12	Reform Judaism.  "Focus on God: Reform Perspectives." Winter 1991.
	13	Reform Judaism.  "Quebec's Jews: Diminished but Determined."  February 1980.
	14	Reform Judaism.  "There are Limits."  Winter 1994.  (Beth Adam application to UAHC)
	15	Reform Judaism.  "Proselytizing of non-Jews."  1994.
	16	Reform Judaism.  "The Trouble with Friday Night."  Winter 1985-86.
	17	Refuge or Asylum?  Refuge or Asylum: The Canadian Perspective.  1990.
	18	Religious Education.  "The Emergence of Neo-Biblical Man."  March-April 1963.
	19	Reprint from Bicentennial Festschrift for Jacob Rader Marcus. "The Ambiguity of Reform." 1976.
	20	Reprint from Globe and Mail article regarding the U.N.Zionism Resolution.
	21	Reprint of Globe and Mail series.  n.d.  "Russia is Different: A Personal Report."  
	22	The Rise of Reform Judaism.  Review by Bertram Korn
	23	Rosh Hashanah Magazine.  "New Year's Message."  1989-5745.
	24	Der Sabbath als Protest.  1971.  German.
	25	Schaalman Anthology.  "Cain and Abel."  1992.
	26	Schindler Festschrift.  "Reform as an Adjective."  1994.
	27	Services for School and Family.  1954.
	28	Shalom.  "On Israel's 32nd Anniversary."  March/April 1980.
	29	Sidic.  "Chosenness in Jewish Tradition."  1980.
	30	Speech.  Education Today Some Personal Considerations.  March 20, 1973.
	31	Synagogue Service Bulletin.  "Dramalogues."  September 1952.
	32	Torah Aura.  Learn Torah with...   "What did Isaac know?" 1994.
	33	Torah Commentary Genesis.  Reviews.  January 5, 1975.
	34	Toronto Education Quarterly.  "Of Smell, Soap, and Scissors."  Autumn 1970.
	35	Toronto Jewish Reporter.  What's Behind the News.  June, 1970.
	36	Toronto Star.  "Abortion Debate: Neither Side can Have its Way."  September 8, 1989.
	37	Toronto Star.  "Reform Judaism."
	38	Toronto Star.  "Torchbearers for a New Approach to the Old Religion."

8	1	UNB Law Journal.  "Contribution to the forum of the U.N.B. Law
		Journal discussing the Report of the Committee."  1991.
	2	United Israel Bulletin.  "Should Jews Seek Converts?"  May 1958.
	3	Viewpoint.  "Whenever I hear the word ‘morality' I run."  August 1982.
	4	Viewpoints.  "The Man Who Would Be Messiah."  1989.
	5	Viewpoints.  "The Manila Folder."  March 1983.
	6	Viewpoints.  "The Un-Public Relations of our National Bodies.  Fall 1965.
	7	Viewpoints.  Where is our Compassion?  1986.
	8	Voice of Religion.  Series B.  The Real America.
	9	Voices of Canadian Jews.  1988.
	10	The Western Jewish News.  Are Jews Different? December 12, 1952.
	11	Wexner Heritage Review.  What Does God Require of us? July 1994.

SERIES B.  Eulogies.  1953 - 1980.

	12	Eulogy.  Frances Brown.  June 2, 1974.
	13	Eulogy.  Arthur Cohen.  March 5, 1975.
	14	Eulogy.  Saul B. Fainstein.  September 24, 1980.
	15	Eulogy.  William Harris.  November 18, 1953.	       
	16	Eulogy.  Therese Abraham Strauss.  August 29, 1962. 

SERIES C.  Personal.  1934 - 1964.

	17	Documentation for the Annulment of Marriage in German and Swiss International Family Law. Doctoral Dissertation.  July 25, 1934.  German.
	18	Photo taken while a student at Hebrew Union College.  1937.
	19	Marriage to Elizabeth Strauss.  1938.
	20	Rabbi, Washington Blvd. Temple, Chicago, Ill.  1939 - 1948.
	21	Service as Army Chaplain.  1943-1945.
	22	Army papers.  1944-1946.

SERIES D.  Book Reviews.  1948 - 1989.

9	1	American Jewish Historical Quarterly.  Book Review.  West Virgina
		Jewry: Origins an History (1850-1958). September 1965.
	2	Book Review.  The Science of Judaism in the German Language Realm.
	3	Book Review.  Hier bin Ich Mein Zater.  1948.  Review in English, book written in German.	
	4	Book Review.  The Jews: A Chronicle for Christian Conscience.  1967.
	5	Canadian Journal of Sociology.  Book Review.  The Canadian Jewish Mosaic.  1981.
	6	CCAR Journal.  Book Review.  Die Reste des Judisdeutschen.  1971.  Review in English, book  written in German.
	7	CCAR Journal.  Book Review.  Jewish Folkways in Germanic Lands (1648 to 1806): Studies in Aspects of Daily Life.  1972.
	8	Congress Bulletin.  Book Review.  The Failure of the American Rabbi.  1962.
	9	Connecticut Jewish Ledger.  Book Review.  The Rise of Reform Judaism.  1964.
	10	Conservative Judaism.  Book Review.  The JPS Torah Commentary.  1989.
	11	Reform Judaism.  Book Review.  The Torah: A Modern Commentary.  1982.	
	12	Osgoode Hall Law Journal.  Book Review.  The Report of the Special Committee on Hate Propaganda in Canada.  1967.
	13	Prozdor.  Book Review.  Judaism and the Scientific Spirit.  1963.  Hebrew, with English summary.
	14	Queen's Quarterly.  Book Review.  Out of the Ghetto: The Social Background of Jewish Emancipation, 1770-1870. 1976.
	15	Queen's Quarterly.  Book Review.  The Jewish Mind.  1978.

SERIES E.  World Federalists of Canada.  1961 - 1970.

	16	Canadian World Federalist.  The Curse of Literalism.
		December 1963.
	17	Canadian World Federalist.  Rabbi Lauds Encyclical.  1963.
	18	Canadian World Federalist.  Presidential Address.  1968.
	19	World Federalists of Canada.  1961-1967		.
	20	World Federalists of Canada.  1966-1969.
	21	World Federalists of Canada.  1968-1970.

SERIES F.  Sermons.  1941 - 1982.

	22	The Arts and the Religion of Tomorrow.  1965.
	23	Brotherhood Service.  November 12, 1965.
	24	Service of Interfaith and Solidarity.  Color-Blind and Border-Blind.  N.d.
	25	The Conduct of Government: Reflections on the Washington Convention.  1962.
	26	The Cross on the State Centennial Seal.  May 3, 1957.
	27	"The Deputy" - Reflections on the Christian-Jewish Dialogue.  March 20, 1964.
	28	The Hard Way of Reform Judaism: Three Sermons.  1961.
	29	Should Jews Seek Converts?  April 18, 1958.
	30	Why Be Moral?  November 5, 1972.
	31	Your Neighbor is a Jew.  October 22, 1972.
	32	Miscellaneous Sermons.

10	1	Children's Services for the High Holy Days.  1950, 1952.
	2	Erev Rosh Hashanah.  1958-1976.
	3	Rosh Hashanah Morning.  1951-1976.
	4	Yom Kippur Morning.  1941-1982.
	5	Yom Kippur.  1956-1970.

SERIES G. Miscellaneous. 

11	1	Behind the News.  N.d.
	2	Canadian Chess Chat.  Chess problems on back cover. May 1963.
	3	Convention Proceedings.  Lecture, Shacharit Service.
		November 15, 1978.
	4	Dedication - Mt. Sinai Hospital Synagogue.  October 26, 1975.
	5	Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion.  Ordination/Graduation Speeches. 1975.
	6	Herzl Yearbook, Vol. V, reprint.  How Zionism Came to Minnesota.  1963.
	7	Holy Blossom Temple.  Tribute Dinner.  December 1977.
	8	Invocation.  Minnesota Academy of General Practice.  November-December, 1960.
	9	Israel Yearbook on Human Rights reprint.  Anti-Semitism in the World Today.  1981.
	10	Manifesto. United Jewish Welfare Fund.  October 4, 1966.
	11	Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture.  Annual Board of Directors Meeting.  1982.
	12	Message for the Port Elizabeth Congregation, Temple Israel.  August 1985.
	13	Prayers.
	14	Program.  Anniversary Ball in honor of Rabbi and Mrs. Plaut.  December 11, 1971.
	15	Program.  Evening of the Arts in honor of Plaut's 10th Anniversary at Holy Blossom Temple.
		December 14, 1971.
	16	Radio Broadcast Scripts.  1950's.
	17	Religion and Adult Education.  Continuous Learning at Holy Blossom.  1966.
	18	Resolution of Appreciation.  Mt. Zion Temple, St. Paul, Minn.  September 2, 1958.
	19	The Torah - A Modern Commentary.  Order Form.  1975.
	20	United Jewish Welfare Fund of Toronto.  1971, 1972, 1976.
	21	World Conference on Religion and Peace.  Kyoto, Japan.  October 16-21, 1970.

12	1	Address -  B'nai Israel Beth David Congregation.  Portrait
		of the Contemporary Jew.  December 10, 1964.
	2	Address - Glen Rush Public School PTA.  February 4,1965.
	3	Address - Haifa University.  Religion and Science - A New Initiative.  December 29, 1980.
	4	Address .  Israel in Lebanon - Public and Private Perceptions.  August 27, 1982.
	5	Address to Kallah.  World Union for Progressive Judaism.  February 27, 1980.
	6	Address - Negev Dinner.  November 26, 1975.
	7	Address - New England Council Convention.  Reform's New Frontier.  November 17, 1962.
	8	Address.  The Rabbi's Role: Divine Ridicule and Human Loneliness.  June 6, 1970.
	9	Address and article.  On the Fourth Day of the War.  1973.
	10	Address and Prayer Service for Hijacked Hostages.  
		September 9, 1970.
	11	Addresses. 1981, 1982.
	12	Annual Meetings - Holy Blossom Temple.  Rabbi's Report.  Various dates.
	13	Holy Blossom Temple Anniversary Album.  Message.  1981.
	14	Holy Blossom Temple Bulletin.  1963, 1964, 1977.
	15	New Year's Speech.  German
	16	Installation Service, Jonathan V. Plaut.  March 8, 1985.
	17	Program. Eightieth Ordination Service, Hebrew Union College.
		June 6, 1964.
	18	The Review.  Interview with Plaut's mother, Selma Plaut.  1979.
	19	The Temple Bulletin.  Mt. Zion Hebrew Congregation.  
		October 14, 1955.
	20	The Torah: A Modern Commentary.  Reviews.
	21	250th Anniversary of Synagogue Mikve Israel-Emanuel.  Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. March 18-22, 1982.
	22	Vinitsky, Archie.
	23	World Jewish Congress.  1983.
	24	World Union For Progressive Judaism.  Governing Body
		Planning Committee.  November 1981.
	25	Miscellaneous.

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