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National Association of Retired Reform Rabbis Records

Manuscript Collection No. 759

1982-2000. 9.2 Linear ft.


The National Association of Retired Reform Rabbis Records were donated to the American Jewish Archives by Erwin Herman of Lake San Marcos, California on June 15, 2001.

Erwin Herman, by the act of donating the National Association of Retired Reform Rabbis Records to the American Jewish Archives, assigned the property rights to the American Jewish Archives. All literary rights to materials authored by others are retained by the individuals and their heirs. Questions concerning rights should be addressed to the Executive Director of the American Jewish Archives.


In 1982, the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR) Committee on Aging
suggested that an Association of Retired Members be formed. This suggestion was carried forward by the Committee on Retirement, chaired by Rabbi Paul Gorin. The first meeting of the Association took place March 25, 1984, at which time it was called the National Association of Retired Rabbis of the Central Conference of American Rabbis. The Preamble to the new organization’s Constitution could well have served as a Mission Statement:

“We, the retired members of the CCAR, conscious of both the problems and
privileges of the older years, seek to band together to share our experience and strengthen each other. For many of us, there are problems of adjusting to new status and the lack of professional fellowship which lead often to a sense of displacement and even loneliness. The opportunities we seek include continuation of Torah study; a chance to serve in volunteer or part-time professional ways; a supportive network of colleagues, their wives or their widows; and organized role in the advancement of the welfare and dignity of all older citizens; a chance to share our experience with colleagues approaching their retirement years; and, in all of this and through it, fellowship and mutual enrichment.”

Other rabbis present at this first meeting included Harold Gelfman, Robert Kahn, Joseph Glaser, Gunther Plaut, Harold Saperstin, Earl Stone, Alfred Goodman, and Joseph Levinson, as well as others. Annual conferences have taken place ever since, in January. Subjects of continuing interest at these conferences have included Financial Planning for Retirement, Estate Planning, and Supplemental Insurance. The custom of honoring a particular member began right at the outset. Judging from the tone of the correspondence in the collection, the conferences were much anticipated and enjoyed. Erwin and Agnes Herman took the lead in conference planning for many years.


The National Association of Retired Reform Rabbis (NAORRR) Records consist primarily of correspondence and documents having to do with the planning and execution of the organization’s annual conference during the years 1984-1996. Other items include a history of the NAORRR, questionnaires, and mailings.

The NAORRR records are divided into two series.

A. Conference Planning.
B. Conference Proceedings.

The Conference Proceedings Series, while listed in the finding aid with the manuscript collection, is held with the audio cassette tape collection as numbers 4386-4495.


Box	Folder			Contents

1	1			NAORRR History.  1982-2000.
	2			Miscellaneous.  1990-2000.
	3			Past conferences.  1984-1987.
	4			Health Insurance.  1988-1992.
	5			Mailings.  1988-1989.
	6			Correspondence.  1986-1988.
	7			Correspondence.   Kolatch Plan.  1989.
	8			Officers Correspondence.  1989.
	9			Business Meeting.  Cincinnati.  1989.
	10			Conference Planning.  1988-1989.
	11			Conference Planning.  1989.
	12			Conference.  Scottsdale.  1989.

2	1			Contracts, Salaries, and Finances.  1990.
	2			Lefkowitz, David.  Correspondence.  1990.
	3			NAORRR/CCAR.  1990.
	4			Relief and Subvention Proposal. 1989-1991.
	5			Rubin, Alvan D.  Questionnaire.  1990.
	6			Schwartzman, Sylvan.  Correspondence.  1990.
	7			Correspondence.  1990.
	8			Conference Planning.  Ft. Lauderdale.  1990.
	9			Conference.  Ft. Lauderdale.  1990.
	10			Conference.  Ft. Lauderdale.  1990.
	11			Conference Planning.  San Diego.  1991.
	12			Conference.  San Diego.  1991.
	13			Correspondence.  1990-1991.
	14			Correspondence.  1991.

3	1			Membership.  1992.
	2			Conference Planning.  Hollywood, Fla.  1991.
	3			Conference.  Hollywood, Fla.  1992.
	4			Conference Planning. San Diego.  1993.
	5			Conference Planning. Tampa.  1994.
	6			Conference.  Tampa.  1994.
	7			Conference Planning.  Palm Springs.  1995.
	8			Conference.  Palm Springs.  1995.
	9			Conference.  Ft. Lauderdale.  1996.

SERIES B. Conference Proceedings. [Audiocassette numbers are listed.] C-4386 Edgar Siskind, Paul Steinberg, Arthur Kolatch. 1989. C-4387 Alfred Wolf introducing Herman Schaalman. 1989. C-4388 David Lefkowitz’s Azkara. 1989. C-4389 Jacob Marcus. 1989. C-4390 Vivian Mendeles: Rabbinic Pensions. 1989. C-4391 Program/Banquet. Joseph Glaser. 1990. C-4392 Women’s forum. 1990. C-4393 Business Meeting. 1991. C-4394 Business Meeting. 1991. C-4395 Banquet: Joe Glaser, Mort Cohn. 1991. C-4396 Honoring Stanley Dreyfus. 1991. C-4397 Erev Shabbat. 1991. C-4398 Eugene Borowitz #1 lecture. 1991. C-4399 Eugene Borowitz #2 lecture. 1991. C–4400 “Storytime Fun.” 1991 C-4401 Paul Steinberg, Lou Silberman. 1991. C-4402 David Polish. 1992. C-4402a David Polish. 1992. C-4403 David Polish. 1992. C-4404 David Polish and Gunther Plaut. 1992. C-4405 Marc Saperstein lecture #1. 1992. C-4406 Women’s Forum. 1992. C-4407 Gunther Plaut. 1992. C-4408 Honoring Ezra Spicehandler. 1992. C-4409 Honoring Ezra Spicehandler. 1992. C-4410 Marc Saperstein lecture #2. C-4411 Speaker: Albert Goldman. 1992. C-4412 Installation. Erv’s B’yad Chazaka. 1992 C-4413 Business Meeting. Elect New Board. 1992. C-4414 Banquet. Stories. 1992. C-4415 Opening Session. 1993. C-4416 First talk: Albert Vorspan. 1993. C-4417 David Ellenson lecture #1. 1993. C-4417a David Ellenson lecture #1. 1993. C-4418 Shabbat service. 1993. C-4419 CCAR, UAHC, HUC-JIR. 1993. C-4420 Divrei Torah. 1993. C-4421 David Ellenson lecture #2. 1993. C-4422 David Ellenson lecture #2. 1993. C-4422a Honoring Albert Vorspan. 1993. C-4423 Shabbat luncheon. 1993. C-4424 Alfred Barnston. 1993. C-4425 Morning Session. 1993. C-4425a Morning Session. 1993. C-4425b Joseph Glaser, Walter Jacobs. 1993. C-4426 Opening Session. 1994. C-4427 Service. 1994. C-4428 Banquet. 1994. C-4429 Michael Cook. 1994. C-4429a Michael Cook. 1994. C-4429b Erev Shabbat and Shabbat services. 1994. C-4430 Honoring Gunther Plaut. 1994. C-4431 Business Meeting. 1994. C-4432 Banquet. 1994. C-4433 Erwin Herman, Ahron Opher, Morris Kipper. 1994. C-4434 Marc Saperstein lecture #1. 1994. C-4435 Opening Session. 1995. C-4436 Lou Silberman lecture #1. 1995. C-4437 Erev Shabbat and Shabbat services. 1995. C-4438 Erev Shabbat and Shabbat services. 1995. C-4439 Divrei Torah. 1995. C-4440 Lou Silberman lecture #2. 1995. C-4441 Honoring Roland Gittelsohn. 1995. C-4442 Installation. 1995. C-4443 Herb Weiner. 1995. C-4444 “A Potpourri of Religious Thought.” 1995. C-4445 Opening Session. 1996. C-4446 Paul Steinberg. Business Meeting. 1996. C-4447 Albert Friedlander lecture #1. 1996. C-4448 Erev Shabbat and Shabbat services. 1996. C-4449 Albert Friedlander lecture #2. 1996. C-4450 Shabbat service and luncheon. 1996. C-4451 Installation. 1996. C-4452 Business Meeting. 1996. C-4453 Opening Session. 1997. C-4454 Karl Richter. President’s Message. 1997. C-4455 Karl Richter. President’s Message. 1997. C-4456 CCAR. 1997. C-4457 Larry Hoffman lecture #1. 1997. C-4458 Shabbat sermons. 1997. C-4459 Honoring Jerome Malino. 1997. C-4460 Larry Hoffman lecture #2. 1997. C-4461 Divrei Torah. 1997. C-4462 D’var Torah. 1997. C-4463 Business Meeting. 1997. C-4464 Banquet. 1997. C-4465 CCAR, HUC-JIR. 1998. C-4466 Erev Shabbat service. 1998. C-4467 Erev Shabbat and Shabbat sermons. 1998. C-4468 Honoring Ag & Erv Herman. 1998. C-4469 Honoring Joe Weiss. Installation. 1998. C-4470 Jay Sangerman. 1998. C-4471 Michael Chernick lecture #1. 1998. C-4472 Michael Chernick lecture #2. 1998. C-4473 Opening Session. 1999. C-4474 Erev Shabbat service. 1999. C-4475 Erev Shabbat - D’var Torah. 1999. C-4476 Shabbat service. 1999. C-4477 Shabbat service #2. 1999. C-4478 Shabbat service. 1999. C-4479 Banquet humor. Martin Freedman. 1999. C-4480 Gunther Plaut. 1999. C-4481 Honoring Herman Schaalman. 1999. C-4482 Leonard Kravitz #1 lecture. 1999. C-4483 Leonard Kravitz #1 lecture. 1999. C-4484 Installation. 1999. C-4485 Business Meeting. 1999. C-4486 President’s Address. 2000. C-4487 Opening Session. 2000. C-4488 Michael Meyer lecture #1. Erev Shabbat. 2000. C-4489 D’var Torah. Oneg Shabbat. 2000. C-4490 Michael Meyer lecture #2. Shabbat service. 2000. C-4491 Honoring Karl Richter. 2000. C-4492 Shabbat service. 2000. C-4493 Honoring Karl Richter. 2000. C-4494 Business Meeting. 2000. C-4495 Jay Brinkman. 2000.
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